Final Sunday, last day and happens to be a very sunny day!!! Everyone was already excited…. We are going to leave camp tomorrow!!!

The excitement was getting real. I woke up this morning with a different kind of feeling entirely…


Though it was thanksgiving sunday and most people stormed to church, I didn’t go. I was going to give my own personal thanksgiving. Anyways, for those that applied for relocation, today is their day.


The list has been pasted and congrats to all those that got approved and I really do feel terrible for those that weren’t approved.

I know the kind of tension and anxiousness this list caused.
And so today has already been announced as a free day so we all are good to go with whatever plans we have for the day or so we thought till we heard the beagle announcing it’s time to have a meeting with the state coordinator.


Apparently, they want to introduce all officials as well as LGI’s and actions to take when you get ur PPA.

And as usual, like we are all here to serve punishment, we were made to sit on the ground under the hot sun again (trust me it gets really annoying).

But this time, we rebelled… After some minutes, everyone started standing gradually increase to take a more comfortable position while some even left e.g yours truly!!!

I was going to eat instead of sit here and wait unnecessarily but as usual, the soldiers came to do what they do best; send everyone back.

As a good and loyal gentleman corper, I went back and praise goodness the “event” had already started. It didn’t take up to 10mins and I left again… This time a free lady!!!
It was night already and obviously no one was going in so early!!! It was the last night in camp.

Now I was beginning to feel it.. I was going to miss a lot of people and I was just developing new friendships.

But then, isn’t it just wiser to make the best use of the little time you have rather than mop over it?!

And so I hung out with friends, made new ones, laughed my ass off, moved around and generally, I’ll say that last night made my camp experience!!!

We were allowed to stay out late until it was really time to send us to bed and by then a lot of peeps had gone over their limits.

Different people and their different ways of having fun. It all becomes a memory at the end.
And so tonight i look back and really I’m grateful for coming this far. At least if i didn’t get my fun from the camp, I got it from the people around me…. They are my campers, my real camp experience and would always hold a space.
Tomorrow is a day to look forward to…. Goodnight!!

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