Yaaaaay….2 days to go, it’s a Saturday and it’s carnival day!!!
Firstly, today started on a very annoying mode!! Suddenly by past 1am, soldiers came to raid our rooms and send us all out announcing fire alarm.


Some of us didn’t even get to dress up properly, we were marched out in whatever we had on our bodies except those who had a chance to grab something to wear.
I for one was almost half naked and the weather was terribly cold. We were made to sit on the floor as usual only for someone to pick up the mic to announce that it was the camp commandant’s birthday.
And I’m like…. Wtf!! How does that concern any of us. He himself came out to talk and was saying he wants to dance so we have to sing for him and no one was going to leave the place until he danced.
There was a huge wood burning in the center as we were made to gather round it.
Most people thought it was the bonfire because they had cancelled it as well as endurance trek Of course most people weren’t interested in doing anything…
All we just needed was some good sleep! And the issue if singing and not singing was all cats and dogs until some guys came out to take over and cracked a whole lot of jokes, sang and danced for a while.
At least that was enough compensation for the commandant. We were released to go by past 3am.
I was going to wake up by 3:30 so there was really no use going back to bed so i just headed to have my bath.
A lot of people were so prepared not to go for early morning meditation and they kept to their words because by the time it was time and the soldiers came to do their raid again (i wonder if those guys ever do sleep or if they don’t get tired), nobody moved.
They threatened to pour water which i learnt they did in some hostels but still no one moved an inch.
Out of my church mind, I just decided to go because I wanted to keep in touch with announcement about relocation….. That was basically the only thing I was looking forward to.
I sha went and was only able to get a few things. 
Since it’s a Saturday, it’s sanitation day and as unluck would have it, my platoon was to clean toilets and bathrooms of male hostels…. Hehehehe I knew i sooo wasn’t going to do that so i thereafter carried my body to my dear bed and was going to do something more worthwhile and positive with my time of which one of them was to eat… (urrghhh I’ve been eating so much recently! I guess that’s what boredom causes).
I decided to peep out later on to see if id cards were being shared because i needed it to collect allowee and a niggress was broke already . Yes they were, thank God but the allowee wouldn’t be shared until after the carnival tonight.
So I just got my carnival outfit and moved back to my room. 
Few hours later and everyone is getting ready for the carnival. Different attires for different platoons and everybody looks really good.
I said to myself, even if i didn’t have any fun in this camp, I was going to make sure i had all my fun tonight!!! And yes indeed i had fun….we danced round the camp with the queen and king leading.
My platoon carried our queen on a bamboo stick while we had our masquerade running around and doing his masquerade duties.
We had drummers giving us different cultural songs and dancers who followed the king and Queen.
Other platoons did really nice stuffs too, some represented the Nigerian culture while others emphasized on the calabar culture After the whole matching and parade, everyone took pictures and danced off.
The day actually turned out right and i think I’ll call it my best day in camp so far. 
Hanging out and chilling happened thereafter until I became so worn out i was drunk with sleep.
Tomorrow would be the last day on camp before camp pop day and now I’m beginning to have mixed feelings. Let’s see what it holds!!!!
Nyty nyt….!!!!!