The refreshing smile of happiness when you realize it’s 2 weeks down and about 5 more days to go.


It’s with this motivated spirit i began my day. SAED training and lectures were holding but i had already given up so i wasn’t going.

We had the RSM who came to chase us from the halls and even seized some people’s tags.


It was generally an uneventful day and for socials it was street dance competition.

Most platoons didn’t deliver as they didn’t really define the word “street dance” with their dancing…. I mean theg should have gone to see movies like stomp the yard, step up and the likes.

That gives a clearer picture of what street dance really is….

But i guess not everyone can know these things.

Had to retire quite early tonight and it was really a restless feeling but it was all good…..
I still have something to look forward to.
A very good night to y’all…. Toodles!!!

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