Good morning world! It’s just 6 days left to go!! It’s just funny how it’s when you have just few days to go that you really yearn to be out asap!!
Today started on a good note, my spirit was getting lifted and it’s just cause i couldn’t really wait to be out.
Ohhh yerr I’m redeploying…. And waiting for the list to be out can cause so much anxiety but then i trust my Heavenly Father, there’s nothing he can’t do for me.
Today was pretty much less of activities for me. Usual routine… Meditation ground to parade ground to do nothing then i sneaked back into my hostel.
I wasn’t going for any lecture or any SAED training (i even learnt the lecturer didn’t show up). Officials came to chase us out of the rooms about 10mins to the end of the lecture so we just hung around and went back when they were done… Loool.
I slept and gisted for the most part of the day, went to grab lunch… Ahhh i had swallow today, tasted a new soup for the first time (white soup) and i liked it!!!
I really thought that was going to be my only meal of the day till I became hungry in the evening but I was hell bent on not eating anything.
Tonight was Miss NYSC and Mr Macho. As expected, i knew i wasn’t going to be interested… Was so tired and that was when my humble friend decided to look for palm wine.
We finally got it and hehehe it was so watery though i didn’t taste it. I just lost the mood and appetite for anything most especially because of the fact that a lot of money was leaving my hands for every little thing.
Spending money was becoming an hourly routine and it wasn’t really a nice feeling. And so in that anger, i drank garri and went to bed immediately. O ye sleep tight…..

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