It’s the beginning of a new week day and as the end of camp is getting closer, it gets more exciting.
Meditation ground assembly held and it was pretty short today. It was my platoon’s turn for sanitation so we stayed back while the rest of the platoons matched away. Camp-Chronicles-2-Day-13-Evatese-Blog

Sanitation was an easy thing till you’re told to wash miserable, unhygienic toilets. We were grouped and luckily for me, my group was given my shelter to cater for.
It wasn’t really an easy task but then, the work had to be done!
The sanitation was quite fast and i was back to my bed. Ain’t no way i was going for any parade!!
Few minutes into the room chilling and we started hearing bangs and shouts calling out fire….. It was supposed to be a fire alarm.
And all roads led to the parade ground only for us to get there to discover we were just being called out to serve punishment as we were made to sit under the sun while the camp commandant made announcements and complaints i couldn’t even hear.
Honestly, I think the officials in the place most especially the soldiers are just abusing the power vested upon them.
Because there was really no reason to treat us the way we were and some few people were just being threatened over trivial issues.
It’s really funny how it’s when you have few days left to go, that’s when you’re being threatened to be decamped!!! It’s just the devil at work i strongly believe.
But anyways, I refuse and bind the devil mightily from my life…. I must get out of this place in one piece.
We in the poultry zone which has now been renamed to Aso rock were told to go back to clean the whole hostels and be on the watch out for anyone trying to mess it up.
It was a successful sanitation and thereafter, i just went to take a long nap. Socials night still continues and it’s still drama competition tonight of which i didn’t go again.
If i was gonna have fun, i was going to have it the right way. So I just got something to eat, hung out with friends and called it a night!! God see us till tomorrow…. Amen!

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  1. I love Ur camp chronicles… been looking forward to it.. but is this all Ur stories or people submit their camp experience??

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