Hello Readers and intending Otondos . Camp Chronicles 2 is back and better . Incase you might be wondering what camp chronicles is about . Find out now !!!

Camp Chronicles is a series on Evatese Blog sharing the tales and experiences of a corper.


Camp-Chronicles-2-NYSC-SERIES-DAY-1-EVATESE-BLOGHello , everyone i would be sharing my NYSC Orientation Camp experience with you and im sure you would enjoy and learn also.

My name is T. i was posted to Cross river state and im sooo not happy with that but what can i say lets experience it .

NYSC they say is meant to build you up as a graduate and make you experience the real life serving your country before going out there.

This could have been a good program as it once was but as expected, everything that can be good can also turn bad.
Firstly, I was shocked by the state i got to serve. Lol. It was an emotional trauma for me but then i decided to get over it and make it a positive year of my life. And so my journey began…….
1st day of camping. Lool i really didn’t know what to expect but I could never have imagined what i got.

From aircraft disappointment to the bloody distance of a journey form calabar to obrubra(my camp destination).

Finally arrived with peppery and aching legs and almost a flattened bum bum.

And then shock hit me when the soldiers Strictly requested for us to carry our bags and boxes on our heads and start running down.

In my mind I’m like “these soldiers like to joke a lot” but at the end of the day, it really did happen. My whole body was shaking and i was really weak but it was either that or having a confrontation with the soldiers.

Fast forward to the searching of luggage’s and then the queue i had to stand on Just to get a room. One wouldn’t expect so much but at least one would only think of getting a place that could be close to comfort.

Hian!!! Hmmm I pray oooo…… After dragging all my luggage’s in so much mud, i was finally brought to a structure they labeled “a room”.

The stench oozing from it was horrifying and every single person who already went in stepped out back to make complaints.

But the attendant who took us there just ignored and left. As sharply as i could, i just decided to grab a space just in case we don’t get a change and the change never came. After having to settle down, i had to go look for a mattress… Of which I got a very disappointing look immediately i got it.

It was flatter than toast bread but then, a beggar has no choice (that’s what they indirectly call us).

Later on, i was able to hustle for a new one so i just put them on top of each other. And then the search for other amenities began.

I needed to get buckets, bowls and other essentials. The prices were so high you’d think it was a retreat for children of high class citizens.

At the end of the day, i was able to manage a short sleep on a very empty stomach.