The craze for Blackberry phones by nigerian babes has reached a point where i can no longer hide my feelings .

most nigerian girls who have a blackberry phone  and maybe a good appearance with the added brazillian hair thing,  have those as their only asset,  with less than N20,000 in their bank account.

Imagine a girl that’s still a student, not even from a middle class family, without a job, no business, no income besides inconsistent dash from male admirers, few relations and stuffs like that, and when she gets the little money she’s supposed to use to start a business for herself to become an entrepreneur or save for her future and educational advancement, etc, she ends up using it to buy just a Black Berry handset of N60,000 and maybe a Mexican or brazillian  hair of say, N90,000, and still climbs on top of okada doing “iyanga toro-toro” in her useless mentality and utmost stupidity?

we can now ask ourselves is this new technology or mobile trend of blackberry a blessing or a curse. many girls have lost their lives to pingining without paying attention to the happenings around them especially on the ever busy roads of Lagos.

some might not even have money to buy breakfast or a meal for the day are satisfied as far as you got the phone and you can ping hunger disappears.

A lot of married men, who claim to be big boyz, buy bb for their undergraduate girl-friends and so on. Simply so that when they are even at home with their wives, they will be pinging and chatting on the bb with their girlfriends. when the wife is in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen or just out of sight. some even pretend to be watching tv in the sitting room if the wife is in the bedroom, just so they can continue their chat with the girlfriend.

this so called craze has lead to broken homes and disasters in lives.

so naija babes you should really read this and kinda be sober.