This week we are celebrating Multitalented Bisola Aiyeola who is an Actress, Singer,OAP and more and mostrecently finalist of the Big Brother Nigeria 2017.

So here are 9 Great Facts About Bisola Aiyeola

#1 Education

Education for Bisola hasnt beens so smooth. She has changed diffrent schoolsfordiffrent major reasons.

When she was 13,  she was in Federal Government College in far away Osun State, but her mum brought her to Lagos.

Ms Aiyeola Tried different Universities such as University of Lagos, University of Illorin, Federal Polytechnic Bida and some private schools. However, she did try to go to the university, but couldn’t because several schools wanted bribe.

“I did try to pass the examinations, but, at each point it is to get into the university, you would be asked to bring a huge some of money,” Bisola said.
“You would have to bribe your way through. And, I never had. Where do you want me to get 250,000 Naira from? ”

ABiosla Aiyeola is currently a student of the National Open University of Nigeria, studying Business Management.


#2 Career & Highlights

Bisola contested in the 2008 edition of MTN Project Fame .

I was a contestant at MTN Project Fame West Africa in 2008 that was the first edition, Iyanya won, I came 5th position. So it was from that show a lot of people got to like me, “eh! Bisola, you are a fantastic singer at the same time you can act, have you ever tried at it?” A couple of directors worked in that project to show my acting skill in their movies. And from there I started to go for audition and that was how the acting career started.- Bisola

she had auditioned for roles in Africa Magic Original Films, her role in these endeared many to her.

She had been auditioning for Big Brother for about 9 years before she got accepted in 2017. On one of the occasions, Bisola went for an audition with her 9-day-old baby and had her sister look after her in the car.

I remember I said I wanted to be an entertainer and my mum gave me the knock of my life on my head because she wanted me to be a Lawyer, that knock rang in my head for a couple of days but I think I always see myself as an entertainer.

It is something I wanted to do, I enjoy to sing, like I said, I am a singer, I am an actress. Now I am broadcaster, don’t say Jack of all trade! This is what I love to do. It is a talent, I am still working because talent is not enough, hard work has to be put into it, so, I am still working hard every day. I enjoy being on stage, acting, I enjoy being behind the camera which I am acting now. I am enjoying being on radio where no one can see me.

Abisola is part of the radio station WFM 91.7 (Nigeria’s 1st Radio station for WOMEN and their families).

#3 Talent

A British-Nigerian, Bisola is into many creative, acting, singing and presenting.

Bisola is a voice over artist and a one time TV host of Billboard Nigeria which aired on silver bird television from 2011-2013.

Bisola also is known to  have done some comedy skits on Instagram.

#4 Family

Bisola has a beautiful 7-year-old daughter.

#5 Big Brother Naija

On Sunday, April 9, 2017 Bisola came first runner up at the Big Brother Naija reality show

#6 Movies

The talented actress just had the premiere of her movie Picture Perfect and she is anticpating more.

Breakout Movies: Picture Perfect

Popular Movies:Forever with Us, The Patient, President for a Day, The Outlaws.



#7 Cause

Bisola is committed to a cause that will see that every girl child is educated. She has a 9 year-old kid whom she loves dearly.

The 31-year-old latest one campaign ambassador, despite her lack of educational status, will be educating over 130 million girls and raising awareness on the girl child cause, at the United Nations.

#8 Awards

1st Runner-up, Big Brother Naija, 2017.

#9 GrowingUp

Bisola Aiyeola is a Nigerian-British actress, singer, MC and presenter. Born in 1986

Abisola says she was a spoilt child till age 8 when her then well-off family hit some major hurdles. She had to move to rural Nigeria where she lived with cousins selling make up and she got another shot at the high life when she came fifth in a reality singing competition.

I was born in England but I was brought back to Nigeria as a child. I think for the acting, it was a family trait. When we are having any gathering, we don’t do music to entertain one another, all we do is just make each other laugh by one person mimicking the other.



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