So your birthday is coming up very soon and you want to add some spice to your special day. BirthdayFaces gives you a platform to do so.

birthday faces

Before I celebrated my birthday a few weeks back, a friend of mine told me about Birthday Faces.

I checked it out and it seemed really interesting. I filled their feature form and then on my birthday, I got featured on Birthday Faces. It felt cool.

Check me out on BirthdayFaces

Birthday Faces is an online platform that makes birthdays more fun and exciting. Birthday Faces is basically features people celebrating their birthdays every day.

So if you want to see a list of people celebrating their birthdays for any particular month and know more about them or you just want to meet your birthday mates, Birthday Faces is the place to go.

With Birthday Faces, you don’t have to invent a space rocket or be a famous celebrity to get featured.

As long as your birthday is coming up soon and you want to get featured, simply provide enough info about yourself and you’ll get featured.

They have also hinted that very soon they’ll cover stuff like celebrity birthdays, cool birthday parties, cool birthday gifts and more.

No doubt, Birthday Faces is a unique platform; as long as the team behind it is focused enough, they are sure to hit it big.

Don’t take my word for it; Check out Birthday Faces for yourself –

Kudos to them