A man in China requested 9,999 red roses before asking for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage.And realising his partner’s penchant for fashion, Xiao Fan had each blossom carefully stitched together to form a sweeping, floral bridal gown.

But there was a reason for Mr Fan’s order of 9,999 roses.

The number nine represents ‘forever’ in Chinese culture and in Beijing’s Forbidden City – the most well-preserved imperial palace in China – the emperor is said to have requested 9,999 rooms to be built.

According to legend the number 10,000 was reserved for gods, therefore the emperor believed the number 9,999 would take him closer to heaven and bring him good luck.

Meanwhile the orchid is known to symbolise love, beauty, refinement, fertility, virtue and maturity.

naija guys, step up your game o! thats one of the craziest thing a guy could do for a lady. abi wat do u think?????????