I’m sure you’ve heard of the “BeardGang ” syndrome …

Beards have now become the new smooth face …Beards never seemed to be in vogue. it has gained popular. It has become a global norm and a fashion statement for some men.


The beard for most people shows masculinity and manliness. It of course separates Men from Women .

Right from time back , beards have been known with power , wisdom leadership etc. A beard offers a look that is distinct and varied depending on the particular beard.

In addition, just as there are many haircuts and hairstyles, the number of beard styles is plentiful.

The sad fact is that not every man is destined to have the beards as it chooses who it blesses.

Luckily for men who love their beards, and those who love men who love their beards, there are more reasons than just style for maintaining a beard.


5 Real Reasons Every Guy Should Keep Beards

  1. You Save 139 Days Of Your Life

Yes ! Do you kow that a total of 139 days of your life gets wasted because you shave .

Well it was proven by Dr. Herbet Mescon from Boston University calculated that if a teenager starts shaving at the age of 15, then in his 55 years or so years of shaving, he will spend an approximate 3,350 hours at this task.

This equates to 139 full days and it doesn’t include the thousands of dollars that gets spent on razors, shaving creams, lotions etc

So having a second thought ?

2. Say Goodbye To Bacterial Infection , Acne!

Shaving your face helps to spread the bacteria that causes acne. This means that allowing your beard to grow and taking proper care of your beard encourages healthy skin. According to ThoughtCatalog.com.

Beards can add an extra layer of protection from infections. While bacteria naturally exists on the skin, shaving can create openings that bring in the bacteria and lead to infections and ingrown hairs. Not shaving can also reduce acne flare-ups.

3. Having Beards Helps Minimise Gum Disease Possibility .

Do you know that beards give a little extra protection against gum diseaase as it helps to keep airborne bacteria out of your mouth. Facial hair can help keep airborne bacteria out of your mouth, which assists in protecting your throat.


4.Less Wrinkles

Another side-effect of having less exposure to the sun is that you get less wrinkles. While the option to protect the face from wrinkles by using a beard is not open to everyone, those who do have the opportunity to take advantage of this beauty benefit should get on board and start growing their beards right now.

5. Keeps Your Skin Moist

Shaving opens up the pores in your skin and can also cause cuts on your face that will dry out your skin over time.
When you have a beard, you avoid all of these issues and keep your skin nice and healthy.

In conclusiion , Beards have gained huge popularity with men all over the world. They are utilized as a way to make a personal statement and help shape the individual’s style.

However, not everyone is convinced that this is a good thing. There is a large contingency of people who think that beards are just plain cool, but there are many detractors who would rather see beards just go away.
Im a team beardgang ! Are you ?