In other parts of the world , beaches have lifeguards , flags with different signs and other first-aid services on the beach .

Well welcome to Nigeria where the beaches are abandoned and each visitor is left for his / her fate. Beach-safety-Tips-For-every-Nigerian
If heading to the beach in Nigeria , here are 10 very Important Beach Safety Tips You Should Adhere To .

1. Check The Weather
Is the weather cloudy ? stormy ? or does it look like rain is coming ? These are few things to watch out for when out at the beach .
It is very important to observe the weather . so Check the weather report before heading to the beach.

Avoid the beach if there’s lightning in the forecast and wait at least 30 minutes after the last thunder boom before heading back out to the sand. The beach will always be there tomorrow!

2. Keep Eyes On Kids
When at beach , do watch and supervise your kids as we all know that they are very fast and inquisitive .

3. Watch Out For RIP Currents.
Rip currents are responsible for deaths on our nation’s beaches every year.  These currents are dangerous  and can form in any large open water area, such as low spots and breaks in sandbars, or near structures such as jetties and piers.

If caught in a rip current , please do avoid  to try to swim against a rip current if they’re caught in one. Instead, they should ride it out until it dissipates or swim parallel to shore to escape it.

4. Be Careful of the waves
They’re much more powerful than you think. Do you know that these waves have the potential to cause serious neck and spinal injuries.

When in the water or near the water line (where the water hits the shore), never put your back to the waves.

5.Avoid Alcohol & Stay Sober
While it is quite difficult to avoid alcoholic drinks while at the beach , try as much as possible to avoid getting drunk .
Alcohol slows your reactions and can impair your ability to judge distances.

Most drowning related injuries and incidents at the beach are alcohol-related.

6. Wear Shoes
I know that amazing  feeling of the sand between your toes is  part of the  beach experience.

But my lovely ebfam , your legs need protection from broken bottles , stones , and even from sun burns.

So always bring a pair of shoes just in case.

7.Can You Swim ?
First , i am guilty of not being able to swim but want to play with the water at the beach . So my fellow ebfam , knowing how to swim makes a huge difference in case of an incident like drowning .

Swim parallel to the shore if you wish to swim a long .Avoid swimming near rocks, piers, jetties, groynes and breakwaters.

8. Watch out for waves.

it’s great fun to paddle or jump over them but they can be dangerous and drag you into the sea.

9.Keep a lookout for aquatic life.

Water plants and animals may be dangerous. Avoid patches of plants. Leave animals alone.

10. Scuba Dive ?
Fun right . But only attempt this activity if trained