Hello everyone, hope you are good. I want to use this moment to thank you all who have been following , visiting and reading my blog. Every single comment received has been my joy and is very much appreciated.

commenter of the month rewards

In order to show my gratitude, every month i would I will be rewarding loyal and supportive followers on twitter , face book and the blog with any network airtime of their choice. ‘In order to stand a chance of getting them ,Read below


Yes in order to qualify and receive this little gift from me ;

  • You Must like our Facebook Page .
  • You can comment on any and every post on this blog.

Please note that comments should please be sensible and related to the particular posts.
comments are limited to 10 per person daily.

Depending on number of commenter’s , it could be 2 top commenter’s or 1. so watch out

Winners would be announced at the end of every month.
Prizes not claimed within 5 days would be forfeited and given to next eligible winner.
Every weekend the leader of the top commenter’s would be updated at the sidebar.

So inform your friends and let them join the fun. Just a way to say thank you

Much Love ,