Ok now its been a while I offered updates. Well was down with Flu. But back and better.
So here is what went down on Monday – Day 8


So much has happened in the Ruby House, especially where Koketso, LK4 and Beverly are concerned. It’s safe to say that the tension between the three is as clear as the diamonds in the Diamond House.

Although our player sees the error of his ways by ‘trying’ to be a player and trying to charm both women, he admits that keeping two beauties happy is near impossible especially when what was meant to be a game turns out to have real consequences.

LK4 has decided that his loyalties and love belong to South African entrepreneur, Koketso and not Beverly. Hmmm ! Sad for beverly o. He told Biggie that he intends on making amends with her but he’s still not sure whether she has genuine feelings for her because at the end of the day this is a game.

It’s safe to say that LK4 is in a sticky situation because Beverly is not going to be happy with him choosing to be with Koketso. But our brave Ugandan has thrown in his player title, admitted that he can’t live up to it and will do his darnedest to restore Koketso’s faith in him. What happens to Beverly’s feelings didn’t seem much of a priority.

How brutAl.


Not much was surprising on Nominations tonight as Biggie announced the nominees in the Ruby House, the feeling around the room was generally accepting.

Up for nomination in the Ruby House is Angola’s Biguesas together with our Ugandan ladies’ man, LK4. But as we all know by now, the HoH has the power to save the current nominee and replace him/her with a housemate of her choice.

The queen in the Ruby castle, Selly, opted to save Biguesas and replaced him with South Africa’s Koketso. What a shocker! Not. Do you think the Housemates have plotted against this now-famous couple of the Ruby House? What do you think? Could Selly be avenging on Beverly’s behalf?

As Biggie announced the nominees in the Diamond House, some of the Housemates were surprised to hear that Dillish and Hakeem were among the top three. However it wasn’t entirely unexpected.

On top of the list was Betty’s man, Bolt and he seemed all too cool when he heard his name from Biggie. I sense he knew his lover Betty would save him when she went to the Diary Room, which she did, and replaced Feza. It pays to have a lover in the House. This is the most evidence we’ve had between the two houses so far that proves that a romantic strategy can’t and will never hurt a Housemate’s strategy. Bolt would vouch for that.

While the Diamond House couple, is safe, the Ruby house couple is skating on thin ice. Why do you think this is so?


singletons under one roof it was only a matter of time before the tension started mounting in the Houses. I xpected it tho.

Today Nando dished to Biggie about his attraction to Dillish during his Diary session, saying: “I am attracted to her but there are no feelings”. But unfortunately for the Diamond dude the feeling is not mutual. During her one on one; Dillish shared with Biggie that she sees Nando as nothing more than a friend. “He’s like my brother there is nothing s*xual,” she asserted. We wonder if Nando has any idea that he is in the ‘friend zone’?

During his session, Angelo shared with Biggie that he was left gobsmacked when Huddah – with whom he had a little romance brewing – planted a kiss on Hakeem’s lips instead of his as she bid farewell to her fellow Housemates. Talk about betrayal!

As well as being left feeling rejection, Angelo has also been doing his own fair share of rejecting. He dished to Biggie that Annabel has changed towards him ever since it was revealed that she has a crush on him and he let it be known that he does not feel the same way. As for Annabel she confessed that she feels uncomfortable around him now, now that the cat has been let out of the bag. Poor Annabel, nothing stings more than rejection.

As for the Ruby House, the topic on everyone’s lips is the Koketso-LK4-Beverly love triangle. It looks like the only couple in The Chase that is not having troubles right now is Bolt and Betty, who both told Biggie that they are happy together and have been enjoying getting to know each other. Hopefully it will stay that way but this is the Big Brother House of course and there are no guarantees.


Nomination day is probably the hardest to bear in the Big Brother Africa House.

While some Housemates swear on their cliques, it’s during Nominations that true colours emerge.

Housemates Nominate each other for various reasons; the smart ones try to eliminate the competition or simply put up the Head of House, the sly ones Nominate their friends and the vindictive ones Nominate the ones who who have stepped on their toes.

Nominating based on emotions always have a way of backfiring even though it make sense at the time.

Then there’s Betty, who failed to understand that she only had one chance to make her first impression, which almost cost her big time. This resulted in her head landing on the chopping block as, according to the then HoH Feza, Betty was the only one who had not come out of her shell by the first day of The Chase when they had their first Nominations. So Feza decided to save Elikem from possible Eviction and replaced him with Betty.

Unfortunately for Feza, the roles have been reversed this week and Betty is the Diamond HoH and I can bet my last penny that she’ll revenge. She has refused to accept an apology from Feza, which was probably smart because Feza nominated her anyway. Well, she nominated Feza too so, clearly the claws are out.

In the Ruby House, Biguesas was a bit under the weather all day. He sat in the garden alone and looked like he was in deep thought while everyone else took a well-deserved nap after their Nomination session. That’s just how draining Nominations can be. Something tells Biguesas that he could just be up for possible Eviction, and he definitely will be.

It seems as though the Nominations bug hit harder in the Ruby House than the Diamond House. Could it be because Rubies are scheming against each other more than the Diamonds?


Angola’s “silent assassin” Biguesas lead this mornings’ Ruby House Nominations with seven nods .
The Luanda native’s proclivity to keep to himself has clearly not been received well by his fellow Housemates; LK4 even dubbed him a “silent assassin”. Many of them stated that his self-imposed isolation and non-participation in household chores as their reason for putting him on the chopping block.

LK4 followed behind him with four Nominations. Clearly the Rubies have woken up to his manipulative ways and have had enough. Ruby House newbie Neyll, has received a cold welcome from his fellow Housemates as he was bestowed with three Nominations.

Here is how the each Ruby Nominated:

Natasha: Beverly and Bassey
Neyll: Maria and LK4
Koketso: Biguesas and Selly
Maria: Biguesas and Natasha
Oneal: Neyll and Sulu
Cleo: Selly and Biguesas
Beverly: Biguesas and Sulu
Sulu: Neyll and Pokello
Selly: LK4 and Koketso
Bassey: LK4 and Biguesas
LK4: Neyll and Biguesas
Biguesas: LK4 and Maria
Pokello: Biguesas and Koketso

Total Nominations:
Biguesas – 6
LK4 – 4
Neyll & Selly – 3
Maria & Sulu & Koketso – 2
Natasha, Beverly, Bassey & Pokello – 1
Oneal & Cleo – 0

Who do you think will get sent home from the Ruby House this Sunday?

The claws were out in the Diamond House at this morning’s Nominations session.

Now that first Housemates have been evicted from The Chase, Housemates are clearly feeling more comfortable with the Nominations process. While last week all of the Housemates played happy family and had a hard time picking names, this week the battle lines were drawn and it has become clear exactly which Housemates have beef.

Bolt and Dillish both admitted that they cannot stand each other. His beef with Annabel also came to light. As for Bolt’s girl, Betty, she is clearly still holding a grudge towards Feza for her putting her up for Eviction and the feelings of loathing are clearly mutual as each Nominated the other.

Bolt lead the Nominations with five all of the Housemates stated his laziness as part of the reason that they choose him. He was followed by Hakeem who got four Nominations; Housemates cited his clear displeasure of being in Diamond House as their reason for putting him on the chopping block. Dillish, Betty, Feza and Annabel trailed closely behind him with three Nominations each.

The only people that managed to dodge the Nomination bullet were Angelo, Bimp and Fatima.

Here is how the Diamonds Nominated:

Feza: Betty and Hakeem
Dillish: Bolt and Hakeem
Bolt: Dillish and Annabel
Angelo: Feza and Bolt
Bimp: Annabel and Dillish
Nando: Motamma and Melvin
Motamma: Hakeem and Bolt
Annabel: Bolt and Betty
Betty: Elikem and Feza
Fatima: Hakeem and Dillish
Elikem: Annabel and Nando
Hakeem: Dillish and Feza
Melvin: Betty and Bolt

Total Nominations:
Bolt – 5
Hakeem & Dillish – 4
Betty, Annabel & Feza – 3
Nando, Melvin, Motamma & Elikem – 1
Fatima, Angelo & Bimp – 0

Do you agree with the Diamonds’ Nomination picks?

Yours Truly Evatese