Much to everyone’s amusement, the Speed Dating Task proved to be very informative for the male Housemates because they got to know how to court the ladies, what makes them tick and what man they are ideally looking for. Kudos to Biggie for providing a romantic set-up for the task.

Zambia’s Dillish took a bubble bath with Tanzania’s Nando. Could this be another budding ‘friendship’ or could it all just be innocent? Something tells me we’ll find out soon enough.

In the wee hours of Day 4, whispers and smooches were heard in the dark. Our famous couple, Bolt and Betty, were intimate as usual, except this time it was under the covers of the Sierre Leonean’s bed. The frustration of doing ‘nothing but kiss’ could be smelled in the entire room.

Hunky Ghanian, Elikem, proved himself to be a player too as he bounced from Tanzanian beauty – Feza’s bed to join Fatima in hers. What does this move mean? Is he trying his luck or is this part of his game plan?

This week, Denzel, Betty, Hudda, Selly and Natasha are up for possible Eviction. Vote here to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

Shy guy, Bimp and bootylicious Motamma; showed that while they may not be a people of many words they are definitely a people of action.

The Ethiopian dude and Tswana girl showcased their dancing skills as they tangoed the night away. Still reeling from the high of the Housemates’ speed dating Task, the twosome decided to shed the extra adrenaline with a sassy dance number.

It was clear that the Diamonds House duo were having fun with each other and not taking themselves too seriously as they floated around the living room in a flurry of bold movement and exaggerated expressions on their faces. The East African bloke had a rose in his mouth which he handed to his dance partner. Motamma on the other hand jumped about and squealed: “I want you”.

Big Brother The Chase’s very own professional dancer, Angelo cheered the pair on, chanting: “I love the emotion, I love the drama”.

Well, who says quiet folks don’t know how to have a good time? Motamma and Bimp have just proved that they definitely don’t mind having a laugh at their own expense.

Yours Truly Evatese