Hello , hope you enjoyed DAY 1 post and happenings ? now lets see what happened in day 2

This week, Denzel, Betty, Hudda, Selly and Natasha are up for possible Eviction. Vote here to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

Task: United we stand  The Ruby Housemates stood united as they received their first task for the evening. Given five minutes to discuss their wager and present it to Biggie by Thursday, the Housemates in the Ruby House settled on 100% thus putting everything they have at stake. But because they trust their abilities as a team, they would rather lose it all as a team than doubt their family union, one they’ve invested in for the past two days.

Team Ruby is an inspiration for all The Chasers purely because they took the task quite seriously. Unanimously they wagered their all and decided to work hard towards reaping the benefits 100%. Everyone got to voice their ideas while others weighed the different suggestions. Their main goal is to go big and impress Biggie because it’s Biggie who decides whether they win or not. We wait, in bated breathe, for what they will come up with.

Diary Session: We are missing our families already

Most of our Housemates in the Ruby House seem to be homesick already. In his Diary Session, the confident 23-year-old trainer, – Hakeem became emotional, sending shout-outs to his family, especially to his son and his brother. He encouraged his brother to “drop his album soon” and also mentioned that he’s thinking about him a lot. Botswana’s – Oneal was another hunk who was emotional about his son in the Diary Room today; “I’m just thinking about my son, Biggie.” he said, a bit teary-eyed.

Zimbabwe’s Pokello was amongst the few who were focused on the game and didn’t really have any shout-outs to family and friends. She, instead, established herself as a leader in the house and said she’s really happy that other Housemates are seeing her as the leader she is.

Angola’s Biguesas simply wants to be exemplary to all of Africa and show his fellow Housemates how human beings should treat each other. “We are a family here.” he said. Maria, from Namibia, pleaded with her family to take care of her grandfather, as she misses them all.


yesterday’s Nominations have the Housemates shaken up and reaFeature: Getting sexy for Africa dy to play the game. Saucy conversation and dirty dancing was the order of the day in the Ruby House as the Housemates marketed themselves to Africa.

Vivacious Natasha played MC for the day as the Housemates all gathered in the bedroom earlier today. She called upon the Rubies, one by one, to do mock interviews with them. First up was Koketso, who did her best beauty pageant queen impression and declared: “I believe in abstinence, I will only have intercourse after marriage.”

She was followed by LK4 who, when asked about his girlfriend back at home, started to sing a few lines from the Lost Boys song “Me and My Crazy World”. “I can’t escape this life that I am living. I am in the mix I am in love with a few women,” said the Ugandan baller.

When questioned if he has a girlfriend outside of the show, Melvin pouted while licking his lips and retorted: “I am young, single and ready to mingle”.

Pokello chose not to use any words for her segment but instead turned her back to the camera and started to shake her bum and drop it like it’s hot. Her little s*xy dance was received with much fanfare and cheering from her fellow Rubies. Selly followed up with an even raunchier dance as she jumped on Bigeusas and started to grind while cradling him.

Well it is clear that the Rubies are here to entertain, but are their raunchy antics too much or do you want to see more?