Hello readers , its day 15. Checkout what went down.

Guardian angels must watching Bolt as not once but twice has he dodged the Eviction bullet.
This evening, Head of House, Melvin opted to save the Sierra Leonean and placed Kenya’s Annabel in his place. Clearly Bolt’s presence in the House has been very polarising as tonight is the second consecutive week that Bolt received the highest number of Nominations from the Diamonds but was fortunate enough to not have to face Eviction thanks to the HoH.Last week it was his girl Betty that protected her man and threw Feza under the bus. For Betty it was expected that she would save her man but for Melvin it was a bit surprising who knew that the Nigerian and the Sierra Leonean were that tight?
Maybe Bolt was right when he said that he is a lovable person, well at least to some. But one person who is not getting much love from the The Chase Housemates is Biguesas. Last week he got the most Nominations in the Ruby House but was saved by Selly. But this week lady luck has not shined upon him. Clearly something about the Angolan is rubbing Housemates up the wrong way. But how does Africa feel about him? Only time will tell.
Biguesas and Annabel are joined by Natasha, Neyll and Pokello on the list of Nominees.


When it comes to Selly and her decisions as Head of House, always expect the unexpected.
At tonight’s Live Nomination Show the Ghanaian opted not to save her girl pal Pokello but instead opted to shield Tswana man Oneal from the clutches of the Eviction gallows and put Neyll in his place. It seems that when it comes to Selly there is no room for friendship. Last week she saved Biguesas and replaced him with Koketso. Is it a coincidence that both her saves are male and both of the people that she replaced them with are female? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, is Selly trying to get all of the men to herself?

As for Neyll and Pokello they will be joined by Natasha on the list of Nominees. Over in the Diamond House, HoH Melvin saved Bolt and replaced him with Annabel, so it’s Biguesas and Annabel.


Feza opened up in a big way about the Elikem situation, this afternoon.
The Chase’s resident heartthrob, Elikem, has been a naughty boy. The Ghanaian has left a trail of broken hearts in both the Diamond and Ruby Houses in a very short space of time and now, one of his sweethearts is speaking up. Feza was the first object of Elikem’s affections and this afternoon she expressed just how disappointed she is in him and his player ways.

“I won’t lie. I’m truly disappointed in Elikem because he seems to like many girls. I don’t like it when people play with others emotions,” she said. The Tanzanian turned philosophical about the situation despite being burnt. “As confusing as it is, I’m glad I noticed it so early in the game”.

Elikem has flirted with Dillish and has also shared a bed with Fatima and most recently, Pokello. During the debaucherous Saturday night party, Elikem and Selly flirted up a storm and owned the dance floor with their  dance moves, despite the fact that the Houses were separated by glass and his other women could see everything.

What’s weird though is that Elikem hasn’t come out to openly declare his love for any of the girls in his purported harem. Elikem does not look like he wants to be tied down and as such, has been ensured a constant stream of hugs and midnight cuddles, with no strings attached.


The Diamonds want Bolt out and they want him out now!
After being saved from possible Eviction last week by his HoH girlfriend Betty, it would seem Bolt’s fellow Diamond Housemates are pretty serious about giving him the boot. This week, the Sierra Leonean leads the pack with five Nominations, courtesy of his arrogance and bossy ways.

Angola’s Biguesas is snapping at his heels with four Nominations. Annabel did not mince words when she dragged Bolt to the Eviction gallows. “He is arrogant, bossy and tends to put her feelings ahead of anyone else’s,” she said. Hakeem concurred with Annabel’s assertion, but went a step further. “Bolt is getting too cocky and he thinks he runs the show. Right now, he thinks he’s untouchable”.

Bimp on the other hand tried to be polite about his Nominations pick. “Africa enjoys Bolt, so if I put him up for possible Eviction, everyone will vote for him”.
Biguesas on the other hand was a favourite on the Nominations list because of his quiet ways. Beverly, Feza Motamma and Melvin all shared how the Angolan keeps to himself and hasn’t made his mark, three weeks into the game.
This evening, the HoH is set to make his ‘Save’ and ‘Replace’ decision. It looks highly unlikely that Melvin will save Biguesas from the list of possible Evictees. During his Nominations Session, the Nigerian actually Nominated Biguesas for possible Eviction.
If Melvin saves Bolt, this will be the second week in a row where the Sierra Leonean’s lucky stars shine on him.

Diamond Nominations:

Hakeem – Dillish & Nando
Annabel – Bolt & Motamma
Bolt – Dillish & Annabel
Betty – Nando & Feza
Feza – Biguesas & Melvin
Bimp – Bolt & Beverly
Nando – Betty & Motamma
Fatima – Betty & Annabel
Beverly – Bolt & Biguesas
Dillish – Bolt & Hakeem
Melvin – Biguesas & Annabel
Motamma – Nando & Biguesas
Biguesasa – Dillish & Bolt

Diamond Nomination Results:

Bolt – 5
Biguesas – 4
Nando, Dillish & Annabel – 3
Motamma & Betty – 2
Feza, Melvin, Beverly & Hakeem – 1
Bimp & Fatima – 0


It seems the Rubies have had it with gossipmonger Natasha and Pokello’s bossy ways.

During today’s tense Nominations Sessions, Pokello scored the most Nominations out of all the Ruby Housemates. Selly, who dumped a glass full of alcohol on Pokello’s head during the Saturday night party, pulled the trigger because “she’s very difficult to work with and doesn’t take instructions”.

Natasha, Cleo and ONeal gave the same reason for Nominating Pokello. Natasha on the other hand, is perceived as the House loud mouth and resident gossip. Angelo told Biggie how tired he is of tip toeing around her. “Her energy makes me uneasy. She’s controlling and wants things to go her way all the time”, he said.

Selly didn’t beat about the bush when giving her reasons for putting Natasha’s neck on the chopping block. “That woman gossips a lot. I’m protecting my back because I don’t trust her. She’ll definitely gossip about me soon”, she said.

Maria complained about how Natasha is always getting into arguments is very destructive. She then Nominated Bassey and gave a strange reason. “He’s constantly trying to lick my ears”, she said, without missing a beat.

Cleo and Maria are the only Housemates who were not Nominated for possible Eviction this week. The two are not entirely out of danger yet though because this week’s HoH, Selly, is set to make her secret ‘Save’ and ‘Replace’ decision this evening.

Ruby Nominations:

Elikem – Natasha & Sulu
Sulu – Angelo & Pokello
Selly – Pokello & Natasha
Bassey – Selly & Elikem
Pokello – Selly & Oneal
Natasha – Pokello & Bassey
Cleo – Pokello & Natasha
Oneal – Pokello & Neyll
Maria – Natasha & Bassey
Angelo – Natasha & Oneal
Neyll – Oneal & Sulu

Ruby Nomination Results:

Natasha – 5
Pokello – 5
ONeal – 3
Sulu, Selly & Bassey – 2
Neyll, Elikem & Angelo – 1
Cleo & Maria – 0


What do we have here? Is Elikem a player or what?

The Ghanaian Housemate has moved on quickly from his little flirtation with Malawi’s Fatima, only three days after being moved to the Ruby House. In the early hours of this morning, the serial bed hopper, decided to make a play for Pokello. He slid into her bed and woke her up for a little chat. Pokello obliged and the two started whispering sweet nothing’s into each other’s ears.

Some of their fellow Housemates have started talking in hushed tones about the chemistry between Pokello and Elikem. Natasha, who is never afraid of a challenge, decided to confront Elikem and Pokello about their connection. “Pokello, you’ve changed so much since Elikem came into this House. All you used to do was sleep and now you’re up so late”, she said.

Pokello quickly dismissed Natasha and told her there was nothing sinister between herself and Elikem. Elikem is a bit of a smooth operator. He has flirted with almost every girl in the game but hasn’t tied himself down to one special girl.

In the first week he was Feza’s favourite bedmate. Last week, he and Fatima heated things up under the covers and this week, he and Pokello seem to be kick-starting something that will be talked about for a long time to come.

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