Hello EB readers ,its Day 12
Below is what is happening in the house.

Diamonds Plot Against Natasha

Tonight the three former Rubies, Hakeem, Biguesas and Beverly came together to vent about the Malawian and hatch a plan to get rid of her.

“We have gotta plan something against her,” Hakeem declared. According to the three Diamonds; Natasha is a master manipulator and she is the one that has been influencing all of the drama that ensued in the Houses. Beverlywas the first to drop a bomb about the Malawian entrepreneur. “Natasha tried to pin me against Koketso and LK4,” she claimed. The Nigerian said that she refused to allow herself to be exploited.

But even more shocking than Beverly’s claims, were the allegations from the boys that Natasha influenced the Heads of House to move them to the Diamond House when they turned down her advances.

At the start of the show Hakeem and Natasha were as thick as thieves but their relationship quickly turned cold. Hakeem said that when he found out that Natasha was flirting with both him and Bassey he took himself out of the equation and found a true connection with Cleo. This apparently angered Natasha and resulted in her approaching Feza, during the Airtel Showdown between two the Houses, to get her to swap Hakeem to the Diamond House.

Biguesas shared a similar tale about Natasha. Biguesas and Natasha had been spending a lot of time together over the past week and he says that she wanted more but he didn’t and so Natasha used her friendship with Selly to get her to swap him from the Ruby House. “I like Maria, that is the reason that I am here,” he declared to the Diamonds.

Wowza, do you believe the Diamonds claims about Natasha? Is she really a master manipulator?

Four More Housemates Swap Houses!

House, Selly announced her choice of four Housemates to swap Houses.

Shock and awe does not even begin to describe the looks on the Housemates faces as Selly revealed to Biggie that she wants to move Angelo and Elikem to the Ruby House and relocate Beverly and Biguesas to the Diamond House.

Everyone had expected that star-crossed lovers Cleo and Hakeem would be reunited but all hopes of a speedy reunion were quickly crushed by Selly. The budding romance between Fatima and Elikem was crushed too. And just like Hakeem, when he learned that he would be separated from his lady love, Elikem was livid with the HoH’s decision and he pleaded to his fellow Diamonds, “Next week bring me back”. The Diamonds could not contain their disdain for Selly, “She is a real home-wrecker,” they chirped. Talk about drama with a capital D!

As for Angelo, Beverly and Biguesas they also looked hurt at the thought of being separated from their new families but they were more accepting of the situation.

What do you think of Selly’s choice of swapped Housemates?

The Girls Wear The Pants In Ruby!

Selly and Cleo made it to the top five of the Head of House endurance Task in the Ruby House, it was like a dream.

No one would have guessed that these girls would be the last ones standing on this Task especially with their weaves, mohawks, makeup and sunglasses getting soaked in water. This proves that the Housemates are getting desperate to proceed in The Chase. If the guys don’t step it up any time soon, we will have an all-girl Finale.

No one anticipated spending half the day waiting for the eventual winner of the Head of House challenge in the Ruby House. Though three of the girls couldn’t go all the way, Cleo and Selly soldiered on.

To prove her excitement on how far she had come, Natasha started singing and dancing without losing sight of the battle she was fighting alongside the other sisters.

At some point, Pokello was threatened by a bee, which wouldn’t leave her alone, could be all that styling gel on her head. “Sulu please get rid of it. I’m allergic,” she cried, her hand still suspended on the rope. Now, that’s competition. It’s a pity she couldn’t linger on but her effort must have been enough to prove to her Housemates that she indeed in it to win it, contrary to their belief.

Beverly sat this one out, thanks to the Power of No Task, so she found it befitting to offer the ninja some pap or tea because the last two contenders; Selly and Cleo would not give up the fight. They had been on the challenge for over two hours and none of them was ready to give up. It was a case of so near yet so far for Cleo who was disqualified at the eleventh hour resulting in Selly being the eventual winner for the second time running.

One thing is certain; the girls have the resilience and stamina to go far in this game. It’s just a matter of time before they oust the guys out of The Chase.

HoH: Mighty Melvin Set To Rule
After a dramatic face-off among the Diamonds, Melvin has been crowned as the ruler of the House.

This evening the Housemates had to use their brain power for a little guessing game. In the garden was a cylinder filled with plastic balls and the Housemates had to estimate the number of balls inside of the container and the Housemate with the number closest to the correct answer would win.

Melvin and Feza both guessed the same number which led to them having to participate in a tie-breaker. The twosome had intense re-match which saw the rest of the Diamonds waiting baited breath as they guessed again. In the end it was Melvin that came out tops and his reign will commence on Monday.

So far it has been only females that have reigned in the Diamond House. Do you think a male Head of House will make a better or worse ruler?

Power Of No: Beverly and Dillish Banished
Beverly and Dillish cannot participate in this week’s Head of House challenge.

Big Brother certainly doesn’t waste time! As soon as the ‘Power of No’ twist was announced this morning, the wheels were set in motion for the first ever banishment decision.

The Housemates were requested to walk out into the sunshine and pick a card on a table set up in the garden. You could almost smell the sense of urgency as the Rubies attempted to hold themselves back from running towards the table laden with a stack of cards. However, everyone contained themselves, calmly walked in single file and picked a card of their choice.

When Cleo was announced the winner – because she had picked the Ace of Spades – there were no pleasantries or air kisses directed her way. Unperturbed by the snub, the Zambian then marched into the Diary Room and swiftly banished Beverly from this week’s HoH Task.

In the Diamond House, Hakeem was lucky enough to pick the Ace of Spades. The Zimbabwean seemed to be having a bit of difficulty with his choice in the Diary Room and after much prompting and prodding from Big Brother; he finally chose to exclude Dillish.

Hakeem doesn’t seem to like Dillish much because she also made his list of Eviction Nominees on Monday morning. After scoring a high number of Nominations for the rest of the House, Dillish is facing the Eviction chop this week. Should Africa save her from the gallows this Sunday, she might still be in danger of being put up for possible Eviction again next week.

HoH: Selly Does It. . . Again!

The girls continue to shine in the weekly Head of House challenges.

For the third time since The Chase began, a girl was crowned sheriff of the Ruby House. In the first week, Beverly from Nigeria won HoH. Last week, Selly from Ghana took over from the  lingerie model. This week, Selly beat everyone to the Head of House title again, after holding off stiff competition from a very determined Cleo.

Sulu, Bassey, Neil, ONeal, LK4 and Biguesas were all disqualified less than 30 minutes into the Task after failing to keep their arms extended over their heads, as per the Task brief. That left the competition wide open for the determined girls to claim a well-deserved victory.

After over two hours, Selly held on while her competitors fell by the wayside. When Cleo was disqualified for dodgy arm extension, Selly couldn’t believe her luck. She screamed as loud as she could and hugged everyone within reach. Cleo didn’t look too disappointed at her loss though. All the Zambian could talk about was the Arena, where she will see her man, Hakeem for the first time since he was poached from the Ruby House.

Nigeria’s Beverly was missing in action after she was banished from participating in the challenge, courtesy of the Power of No twist.

The Nigerian decided to soak up the sun in a corner of the garden, where she could keep her eye on her fellow Housemates.

Denzel Arrives In Uganda

Clad in his usual green shorts, a striped shirt, a bow tie and black jacket, Uganda’s Big Brother Africa Season 8 representative Denzel, who was evicted from the reality show last Sunday,  emerged through the doors of Entebbe airport on Wednesday at about 7:20 pm local time.

That was all the crew that had been anxiously awaiting his return needed, and the ever-smiling Denzel rushed to them with a confidence that only he could exude.

“Oh hi ma, so good to see you,” he said to his mother who was waiting for him with a bouquet of flowers, which he gladly accepted and not once erasing the smile off his face.

To his friends from XFM who also had a bouquet of flowers for him, he smiled even more and playfully said, “Hey guys!”

The Denzel that we watched not so long ago on the Big Brother show was the very same one that walked through the doors, talking, talking and talking some more.

Next was the press conference organized by Multichoice Uganda where waitresses looked on and whispered, “Is that Denzel? Nga [how come] he doesn’t change!”

Upon entering the arranged press area, Multichoice Uganda’s Public Relations Officer Tina Wamala was all full of praise for the charming Denzel.

“We at Multi-choice Uganda believe that Denzel is a winner. We also believe that he was nominated and eventually evicted because he was a threat,” she said.

And before she sat down, she told Denzel that a lot of doors in his career had opened up for him.
When asked to speak of his time in the Big Brother house, located in South Africa, Denzel said that he was glad he had the chance to be a part of such an amazing show and would have done more if his stay wasn’t cut short.

“I know many of you expected a lot from me and are somewhat disappointed, but that is the thing about reality TV. It is like swimming, everyone will tell you what to expect but you can’t really know until you get in there.”

When asked about his cloth-less stunts in the house, he said that it was just him being himself.

Also, he said that upon reaching South Africa, everything seemed different, even the bananas tasted different, so stripping off his clothes was how he dealt with his new environment.

Meanwhile, Uganda’s other representative in the same house, Isaac Lugudde a.k.a. LK4, is up for possible eviction this week.

The contestants in the show are battling to stay longest in the house for a prized jackpot of $300,000 after a maximum 90 days.

Yours Truly Evatese