Banky W , boss of EME is set to find a young musician to replace Wizkid after their breakup and as the strained relationship between the two has finally snapped.

He says he is doing it “just to teach the kid a lesson”.
Both had been trading words on social media as it concerns their crashed business relationship.

Devastated by Wizkid’s refusal to renew management contract with Banky’s EME outfit, the America-returnee khas begun scouting for someone that would create a bigger effect on the music scene than Wizkid just to make a point in the industry. “He wants people to know that he can make and unmake”.

it remains to be seen if Banky can produce another Wizkid as the young chap has also formed his own record label, Star Boy, even before he parted ways with Banky.

After the album launch, Banky twitted “hello guys thanx 4 attending my album launch. Wizkid, I made u who u re 2day, although ur impact will b felt, but u re replaceable cuz am going 2 sign a better artiste dat will replace u”.
Wizkid responded by saying “??? can’t get a better artiste dat will replace me, u took my loyalty 4 stupidity and I need 2 move on with life”.

So do you think anyone can replace our boy Wizkid ?? Or is he really replaceable ???
Source: Nigerian Tribune

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  1. Its true wiskid can be replace because on normal circumstances u cn see dat the industry of today rapidly change dynamically as several artist ar been recruited,every artist has thier various style each. with dis possession fans dont longer has choice rather dan to choose the one wit de best style nd the fact is dat artist get fade aswell as new artist coming up wit new style of music bt i really tink if some rural areas in western nigeria has de same chance of wiskid to my believ they ‘ill do better.

  2. BANKY W i knw of a frnd dat cn replace wizzy…..i av his contact nd evrytin,kal@08167443082 if u’re interested-my name is PRINCESS

  3. Please Banky give me the opportunity i promise you .you will proud of me this is my number 08187276311

  4. hi!banky w i luv wat u are doin now because they is alot of artiste out dere but they is no sponsor he tink dt is oli him dt is y is doin as he like they is some people dt bad more den him them have nobody to sponsor them am won of them i am an artiste i will luv to be in ur recordlabel i have try so manytime but i did have d chance but nw i tink dis is my chance to prof to the word dt they is somebody out dere dt is gud more den him dis is my num so u cn call me on it 08130026720

  5. Yeah! 4sure wizkid is replaceable. We’v got alot of talented young guys out der who can even do it more dan wizkid,which am one of dem….if am given d oputunity,,,i wil not replace wizkid…..I WIL DO MORE DAN WAT HE CAN DO,,,am nt bragin please…..jst dat am sure of wat i knw hw 2do best

  6. well,i must confess,wizkid was really good,but you made him what he is today and just as you made you can unmake him.please just let it go.its rather unfortunate it turned out like this.i might be a kid,but i have got some sense.please next time you got to be more careful when choosing an artist cause they all go like,’please take me i will never let you down but when they are up there,they forget it all.but i believe you will find that one person who will make a name is raphael,13 years old with a couple of a ghanaian.i can send to you if you want.i pray you make the right choice cause at this point in time,so many would knocking for you to open up.but i just hope you make the right choice.

  7. sir some one can do it better by d grace of God I mean I can do it by his grace seeing is believing please help me sir

  8. Wizzkid was wrong he would hv nt live banky nd go. Cause banky make hem who he is. so,he whould hv edior nomatter what banky says or do 2 hem

  9. I can replace wizkid becoz i want wizkid to know that he was worng saying know body can replace him,am damex by name am a hip-up musical pls give me a tryer and i want disappoint you sir. my nember are 08097708613 or08106730988.

  10. Am damex by name,i can replace wizkid becoz i what him to know that he his not the only one in EME that is good in hip-up and to let him know that you are not the type of person he can joke alround wait or play game wait.MR.CAPABLE.

  11. Pls sir i need ur help wizkid is an ungrateful frnd i want to be a musician not becus of fame becus my whole life is base on music sir here is my num(07083805787)pls

  12. My nam is asooretaiwo hv ben lukin 4 dis oportunity lik dis mor dan a year. As i c nw i luv 2 wok under u mr banky w i sing hop nd fuji my num is 08171349371 i wi b greatful if u cn sign me up. Thanx

  13. My name is godstime i have composd many music and waiting for a spornsor and i here the news saying banky w want another artist to replace wizkid am ready to replace wizkid am not lieing if you think am lieing call my number 07084721374 and test me please am waiting thanks for your love for young artist

  14. I am a young artiste, and ready 2 die wit muzic, i need banky w 2 replace wizkid. Banky w can test me, and i swear, i wil favour him. Dats my number,09091717943

  15. Greetins 2 u, bankyw, anytin u lay ur hands on, u shal prosper. I mean it, and i am ready 2 do anytin 4 u, and not 2 disobey u in any aspect lyk wizkid. I promise 2 mke u hpy, and 2 bring d bst out of muzic. My name is prince. Muzic is my proffesion, and muzic is in me. I am not bragin, bt if u meet wit me, and test me, i swear, u wil lve ma style of music. Pls sir, i am going 2 cme out wit a different style. I realy nid ur help, 2 mke u hpy 4 d rst of ur life, nt 2 mke u sad. God bles. 09091717943

  16. I love both banky and whizkid . What Í know is u are still is boss . But I need yur help pls banky w

  17. banky W Just try me out if i don’t meet your expectations the i’ll give you N2million,that’s everything in my account ,call 08162604980 i don’t have time to brag

  18. banky W Just try me out if i don’t meet
    your expectations the i’ll give you
    N2million,that’s everything in my
    account ,call 08162604980 i don’t have
    time to brag

  19. Actually wizkid is gud….but with nobody can replace me,,, he fumbled..sir banky let my in and wizkid will feel d heat… God bless EME and long live EME Boss…07036806008

  20. Sincerelly,wizkid iz gud & I lyk him 4dt…..but with a say “nobody can replace me”…he fumbled….Nw sir banky let me in and wizkid will feel d heat.. GOD blezs EME and long live EME Boss….07036806008

  21. Sincerelly,wizkid iz gud & I lyk him 4dt…..but with a say “nobody can replace me”…he fumbled….Nw sir banky let me in and wizkid will feel d heat.. GOD blezs EME and long live EME Boss….07036806008

  22. PLS BRO MY IS NAME MOSES DEIR CAL ME upcomin i need ur help i va many tracks i did nt va 2 go 2 studio .becus why i want 2 join e.m.e nt becus of money or famous music is my life in me .as u help me GOD wil promot ur music industry .dis my number 08172918507.

  23. my name is tiscotee aka youngwizzy i sing like wizkid and am very sure dat if i can av a competition wit him i wil win him 100pacent sure if u sign me i wil take eme entatainment to the nest level this my number09030837024 pls pls i want wizkid to no dat i can sing than him

  24. Hmmm…finally wizkid kicks out of EME. Well its no big deal, several artistes has betrayed their record label in d past ,as some others happily leaves their label n was even celebrated. At 1st newly signed arts ar loyal 2 their boss until he/she feels boyant enough 2 leave or own his/her own record hause…..well 2 dos of u hu wants 2 replace wizkid, I wc u d best of luck. But u can’t be a superstar in just a twinkle of an eye. Banky hustled in d past b4 he finally made it up 2 were he is 2day…wizkid strived under d influence of music 4 years until he was fortunately picked by Banky. So guys its up 2 u, work hard dou its neva easy, buh 1 tin I kw 4 sure is dat if u ar destined 2 be wat u wanna b,dat u shall become….

  25. Yes wizkid is nobody so many like him and even more are out there beging for help people like me he use to be my mentor but not anymore i hate him now and i just can’t stop singing like if not, banky w we are here take and help us if u can

  26. I tink wizkid fame nd evrytin iz al bcz itz wz hz tym to shine,2 say d truth wen wizkid startd he wz one beat for mst of hz sngz,bt hz departin frm e.m.e iz not d problem since evryone onez 2 move 4wadz

  27. Wizkid sayin he iz irreplaceable doeznt meanz he iz not,evryone kalz hmself d best in d world,m an artist,i mean d best in d world.u guyz v 2 watch out for me….e.m.e or no e.m.e,i’l make it

  28. my name is johnex , am a young talent singer, i can sing and rap i will be happy if you can sign me to e m e , and as you do so God will bless you. This is my number, 08095784323

  29. wiz kid is good but pple are out there that are more better than him,that have not be opportuniedjust like me,everyone is good ,in some aspect,but dnt think u can think my thinking because u might just find yourself sinkin,jackson from warri aka mr berrycool,here my contact if interested,08164026912,God bless

  30. Greetings to Sir Banky,This is from chizkid upcoming artist which u will hear his hits from now on to december am in lagos grinding and hurstling to make it come real that god dat draw you to locate wizzy we drw you to locate me in jesus name amen]

  31. Well i dont have d talent of singing but i hate talent wasting have my pal stage name creezy whenever i listen to is compose i do have dis feeling dat another star boi is around but god as is way of of making is wonder but god knows what best for evry1 nd i pray he make it oooo cos talent wasting pls if u can help him am sure he can fill d vacant space of wizkid,wizkid is talented nd also bless sha but god knows best if is needed my number 08125054873 will surely link him

  32. Hmmmm.2 say d truth,wizkid is gud nd i lyk d way he sing.but wat i enthusiastically dislyk from him is.proudness,he is too proud of himself up to d extent of saying ‘no one can relace him.though every body hav his own tym to shine.banky w,u ar d boss i want u to help me make my dreams come an upcomin artist nd i nid sponsorship.i can sing perfectly nd maliciously nd wen ever i sing every one wil lyk to b on the floor to thumps up….its not lyk am sayin dis to my self nd not dat am better than wizkid..although i may b caus singin is deely in pls i wil lyk to b by ur side in d industry to bring me up number is 08147675575,by sponsorin me god wil promot u ameen

  33. Boss of EME, am Jblink and i am an upcoming artist. Please try me and see what i can do. My contact number is 08146758717. Thanks alot

  34. i have written three album but i have nt produce it. I need ur help banky w. My number is 08055446106

  35. Am Ayanniyi richard by name..stage name B’smart….am a 17yrs old artiste nd wit all d songs av composed wit God by my side..I can replace wizkid I will even do beta dan him….I hav many tracks dat av composed so if u can bring me out from hidden….am sure u will be proud of me 08102691562 dats ma numba..u can also text me on whatsapp

  36. Hi boss mr banky.i dont want u to blame wizkid bcos,he was just kidding,and don’t he don’t av to be blamed bcos he as many fans so his eyes were now open up.sir i want u to forgive him he is still a young boi so he did not understand.but if he refuse again.dat meanz he was ungrateful to his case if of incasity am your boi star-tee a.k.a youngwizzy av made some songs just lyk wizkid u can give me a call 09094846040

  37. I realy need a record label,but wit God all tins ar possible.wizkid is wizkid, u ar ur self and me am my self.Evrybody wants to be the best in the world but the most important tin is to believe in ur self and one day u wil make it to the top even better than wizzy.

  38. wizkid is a material, but banky w is better. Of course you cant say a child is handsome nd the father is ugly. Wizkid is replace-able, what is to be sought after is d right potential, and the right attitude not only the charisma. 09035433818.

  39. if only u can add me on whatsapp u will kw i will replace him i cant talk about my slf tht much bcus u mint not blive me i do say seeing is blive just add me 08100347454 i got d swag d talent n d style trust me and lastly my name is classic

  40. Yea for sure wizkid is irreplaceble because opportunity come bet once.And also belived dat wizkid the starboy is not d best in the whole world,so EME boss keep on serching u wil get d best dat my if it may be possible i can join the crew den i wil try my best.

  41. Action speaks louder than voice. Am EMMITEL a song writer and singer. . . . . 09050637232 Boss pls give me a chance.

  42. I am TIS by stage name,I am a songwriter and singer,I have writes and composes a lot of songs down,if EME music can sign me up,I will be like wiz kid @ EME music,for more about me u can contact me @ or my mobile No. 09050656113 and 08166494666.

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