Hello EB readers , today post on relationships is concerning habits that we portray during dates. This habits could either make or break progress of relationships. Today we concentrating on those habits that break or destroy the progress of proposed relationships. There are annoying habits that we show off during dates.

Lets assume you have just been introduced to a hot chick or a cut charming guy that you’ve been dying to meet or maybe you saw her walking down the road and asked for her number, either ways, both of you are on a date now and you are ruining it with your actions.

Below are a few habits that both Guys and ladies are guilty of which then makes a first date the last one . Too bad

Firstly Fiddling with your phone , like seriously why would you do that ? OK fine you have 10 thousand followers on twitter and instagram is always flooded , even you have 200 unattended pings on your bbm and so what ? doing this would make the person you an on a date with feel less important and make him /her look stupid .The more you pay more attention to your phone the more you make him more uncomfortable . It is better to decline the request for the date than to go there and attend dedicate your entire time to your phone.

Secondly , some people talk too much that they don’t even allow the other party express him/her opinion. Ahan , are you a parrot ? radio without battery ? .You are not allowed to talk all by yourself when you have a date. its just common sense , so apply it . Do not bore the other party and make him/her the unwilling audience .Yes they want to know you but you don’t have to tell him/her the story of your life . The purpose of the date is to learn more about each other not to narrate your biography. its not an open mic session.

Thirdly , when you start looking around the room , scanning everywhere as if you are looking for something. If you don’t like the environment let your partner know instead of making him uncomfortable.

Fourthly, over-sabi/ over-do .For instance you both get to your place of choice for the date and he asks you to make an order of a meal , you do not have to make yourself look stupid by ordering something you do not know how to eat or even haven’t seen before. it could upset your stomach and you know the end result is never okay

Fifthly , Be yourself . You don’t have to impress anyone .Dont go out of your way to impress the other party , if he/she isn’t satisfied with your true self then Good riddance .!

Finally readers, if you have been a victim or you are guilty of any of the above mentioned habits please do mend your ways. It could save you from heartbreaks or dying single.
If you have any suggestions , views and opinions please feel free to drop them in the comment box.