Came across this during the week , and i decided to share with you , my lovely readers.

A lady , Ada is in total confusion as the biggest day of her life is drawing near. She needs your help.

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Eva , I Am in total confusion as i am the only one aware of my predicaments.

In just a few weeks time , my wedding which is supposed to be the biggest day of my life is or might be a different story.

My parents gave me the list of family members invited and i saw my Uncle’s name on that list. I was shocked , confused and at the same time Angry. You might be surprised , but this is the man who stole my virginity. At my innocent age of 12 , my uncle assaulted me sexually and since then i haven’t recovered from it . That was the day i forcefully became an adult, it killed my childhood.

I don’t know what exactly to do . Do i tell my Parents about this ? But the fear of them believing me is there.

Should i just allow him to be invited or bluntly cross out his name with no explanations?

Please i need Suggestions.


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