Hey guys, this is the First edition of #ASKEVA , where we share problems, issues and concerns bothering you and i. We answer questions ranging from relationships to family and more.

I got my first email from an anonymous reader. here it is

Hello EVA i think my boyfriend is Gay and i am confused.


I have been dating this guy for 6 months and i just found out that he is Gay.

For sometime his behavior has changed towards me. He stopped doing things he used to do and has reduced the time he spends with me.

He spends most of the time with his Guy-friends and when i ask he gives me one excuse or the other.

Just recently , i overheard his phone conversation with his gay partner i believe telling him how much he loves him and cant wait for me to break up with him. He also was telling him that he doesn’t think he can break the news of him being Gay to me.

I was shocked and confused. Till now he hasn’t said anything about it to me ,and he still doesn’t know i now know about his sexual orientation.

Should I just straight out ask him? Tell him what I think and see what happens between us? Give it more time? Or should I just listen to my instinct, know this one won’t work, and begin whatever process I can think of to end things? Help.

Help what do i do ?


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