Have you ever heard of an Abusive Relationship ? It is good for you to note that abuse can be in various forms and is not only physical violence that it is termed as.

Signs-Abusive-Relationships-Evatese-BlogAn abusive relationship can range from sexual , emotional  , financial abuse and even as far as physical abuse.
Knowing and admitting you are in an abusive relationship might not be so easy but my dear reader it is important to know as learning and taking note of these signs can help give you a clearer perspcetive of your relationship and your partner.
Quickly , on this segment of EB Relationship , i would be dishing out signs of an abusive relationship.

Signs of An Abusive Relationship


There is constant Jealousy most times . Your partner tends to be extremely posseive, monitors your calls , friends and even your movements.
Checks on you all the time to know where you are , what you doing and who you are with. Sometimes he stalks you . Partner tries to control your outings and whom you go with . He/ she moods changes when you give a negative response.
Tries to control your behaviour.


Control Of Finance

Your partner tends to control how much you spend, insists on knowing your bank account details . Controls what you do with money and even gets to the extent of taking charge of your spendings.
Partner has a past of hitting women of which he has admitted . caution , you might just be the next victim.

He constantly threatens to cause physical damage to your body. Threatens to even use vilence against your family. Harming you, your pets or your family members.
Makes you feel scared.

Pushing, shoving, hitting, grabbing, making you have sex or do things you don’t want to do. Forcing you to have pleasures without mutual consent.
Your partner constantly criticizes you everytime. He/she curses you , calls you ugly and degrading names and even uses your past against you.


Putting you down, either publicly or privately, by attacking your intelligence, looks, mental health or capabilities.
Constantly comparing you unfavourably with others.
Blaming you for all the problems in the relationship, and for the times they are out of control or violent.

In conclusion, If you have noticed these or some of these signs, kindly contact a friend or family or support center now. Dont be a Victim.

Did i miss out any signs ? Anything to contribute to this post ? kindly drop them in the comment box below.

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