2016 is here and Nigerians are expectant and hopeful for the new year as it would be a new beginning for many and also bring about countless opportunities and possibilities.

9-THINGS-NIGERIANS-NEED-2016-EVATESE-BLOG (3)January 2015 , we listed 10 things that needed change in Nigeria Urgently , another year has come so In the light of this anticipation , Evatese Blog brings to you the minds of Nigerians as to what they Need To  in 2016.


With the increase in armed robberies , riots , terrorism , lives and properties have been lost . In 2016 , Nigerians need a higher level of security.   9-THINGS-NIGERIANS-NEED-2016-EVATESE-BLOG (2)

Our roads are terrible , thereby causing traffic , accidents and even making car owners make regular visits to mechanics. some places are not even motor able so  In 2016 we expect roads to be repaired not patched.


If you live in Lagos or visited Lagos last year , 2015 , i am sure you experienced the madness of tankers taking over the major roads and causing a lot of traffic.

Aside from the traffic , the negative impact on human health as to deadly fumes and loss of lives as to falling of containers.

The persistent traffic gridlock on the Oshodi-Apapa expressway in Lagos calls for the government to have a lasting solution to this issue.
There are more unemployed graduates in Nigeria than most parts of the world, Nigeria has about 40 million unemployed graduates.

After completing a degree it is the dream of every graduate to join  the workforce and make a living.

The current unemployment situation is eating in so fast and more graduates are home , jobless , most forced to do menial jobs just to survive.

2016 , Nigerian need improvement concerning the unemployment rate.

2015 we saw the worst of it all as to the constant and long lingering fuel scarcity. Nigerians are tired of the torment of 2016 , tired of long queues at the petrol stations.
We all hoping the government acts quickly to kill the scarcity in the country.

In order to curb traffic , Nigerians need traffic lights in most areas.

Very important , we all know how terrible the power supply has been especially in the last year .
Nigerians need stable power supply . Some places don’t even see light for months , some for weeks and some no power supply channel for them .

With the usual very frequent interruption in power , business would be crippled , industries would spend more , more queues at filling stations etc and it would also hamper our growth as a nation.

So Stable electricity supply is very essential as to speed up our growth and development of the country.


Nigeria’s educational sector is epileptic,  starting from the tertiary, secondary and even primary level, the system hardly works.

Constant riots and strike actions that students have to undergo has to stop. Long neglect, poor funding , late payment of salaries  have become a norm in the sector.

The Universal Basic Education (UBE) scheme which makes primary education up to junior secondary school compulsory and free for all Nigerian school age children is suffering from inadequate funding and poor implementation in most parts of the country.

Most of our public schools have  dilapidated infrastructure, poorly motivated teachers, lack of well equipped science laboratories, no libraries for pupils.

Also there is a lot of UN-seriousness and lack of discipline on the parts of students in these schools. Nowadays there’s cultism even in primary schools.

As you can see a lot of children of school age not attending school. This situation is unacceptable and things have to change.
Nigeria is one of the known countries in the world for corruption .

In his first speech to the nation after winning the election, Mr. Buhari vowed that he would “strongly battle” against “the evil of corruption” – which he described as “even worse than terrorism.”

Corruption has become so powerful that it threatens Nigeria’s economic development and democratic survival, he said.

“Corruption will not be tolerated by this administration, and it shall no longer be allowed to stand as if it is a respected monument in this nation.”


Nigerians need for corrupt individuals to be punished to serve as a lesson to others.

Have I spoken your mind? What else do you need in 2016 in Nigeria ?