hi readers , thanks for reading my previous post on 8 type of guys ladies should beware. so i thought it unfair for guys. so i have decided to also enlighten guys on the types of ladies out there to avoid. and don’t forget no one is perfect o!!!! so you should also be wise.

1. The perfect doll.
The only thing she has, is her pretty face.her make-up is always perfect. She’s the type of woman that doesn’t know much about anything. Hell, she doesn’t care much about anything! As long as her pretty face is intact, the world can burn for all she cares.

2. The Drama Queen.
Avoid this person like a plague, even as a friend. She has no qualms about creating a scene over a perceived sin. She would bawl her eyes out loudly in public if she feels you don’t love her; or love her enough. She cries, she’s passionate and yes, she looooves the attention.

3. The Possessive/Obsessive Clinger.
Similar to Miss DQ above, but she doesn’t have the need to cause drama; she has a need for YOU. At all times. She calls thrice an hour. Her first question always is ‘Where are you?’ If you don’t pick up because you’re getting chewed up by your boss, expect the multi-page accusatory text messages to start flooding in. She gets upset when you have the barest interaction with another woman. She wants to be the only presence in your life.

4. The Wife.
She is not interested in dating. She doesn’t want a boyfriend: she wants a husband. She wants to marry. Now! One date and she’s ready to meet your parents. Two weeks on and she has chosen the names of the children you will have together. she doesnt beleive in following the natural stages of relationships.

5. The Party Freak.
There’s nothing wrong with letting your hair down and having fun occasionally. Sometimes one needs to chill and enjoy the other person’s company. Not this lady. She knows all the happening places in major cities, she knows all the clubs around town, in fact she is always found there. Her friends are going. And she must be there too. The party Freak will be bored with you in no time.

6. The Cheat.
There is no way in the world to have a meaningful relationship with someone who’s cheating on her boyfriend with you. Even if she gets out of that relationship and starts a new one with you, you know that she has no qualms about infidelity. She’s going to cheat on you too. Period.

7. The Gold-digger.
“I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she aint messing with no broke n…” This is the type of woman who craves the finer things in life and expects a man to provide them. She’s with you only for the money. She might actually ‘like’ you, but if you can’t buy her things and generally assume responsibility as her personal cash dispenser, forget it; you can’t get five minutes of her time. She’s a pro at using s*x as a tool: you get it when you pay. The moment she finds a more affluent man (that is if she doesn’t have a bunch of you suckers around her pinky already), she’s going to kick your broke behind to the curb. Expecting a steady stable relationship from Nairabody is futile. There are better ways to waste time and money.

8. Your neighbour’s teenage daughter.
Forget how she looks in a tank top. There’s a law against that type of thing.

Good-luck guys.


    • hmmm. thats kind of risky o. in a situation where the dad or even the mum is “CRAZY” and doesn’t take nonsense you can land yourself in big trouble and also loose your neighbourly relationship. well sometimes it depends sha. thats why i said beware!!!!. then you can look at it from the brightside. all in all deji, be careful o. thanks for drop-in by

  1. Ta i haff dated my neighbour’s teenage daughter n it was Sweet.. thou she used to track my every movement n visitors so no Under G runz with oda gals 🙁 n yeah u fall under one of dis categories described in ur post bet Lips sealed :p