The feeling of owning a new Gadget is quite fulfilling and amazing  but there are few things to consider and think about before buying the next phone.

so whether you want or need a new phone because the old one is broken or just because you love gadgets .

Mobile_PhonesSo with many options buying a new phone can be quite tempting , daunting also .

Well here are some few things to consider .

7 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Next Phone


budget  Yes Cost !. Do you really have enough funds to finance this splurge or needful purchase ?  Also do you want a feature phone or a smartphone ? as of course there is a vivid difference between both .

So breaking it down , Feature phones are cheaper and more affordable as they have the basic functions of every phone . That is to make calls , send text message  and store contacts.

There are often added features like a camera, a basic calendar and a few games, but again, the primary function is to communicate through calls and texts.

smartphone-vs-feature-phoneWhile a smartphone as the name implies is more pricey as there are thousands of features that you would love and also others that yo wot even need.

Also Data Plan , service plan is something you need to also consider properly .

Do you know a phone should at least last you for the next two years after purchase .so if after buying one and you should be able to know if you would be able to maintain it .



As said earlier , smartphones come with a thousand and one features while the Feature phones are limited to certain basic feature.

phone-features-next-phoneYou would have to know what are the main features you need when purchasing a phone . what are features i can do without or might not even use.

so considering these features would help determine your choice of a new phone.

Are you the always-in-transit person  then you would need a phone with a longer battery life .

Touch screens are popular but if a QWERTY keyboard is more familiar, you may want to skip the iPhone and look at the options Android phones have to offer.


Is the phone too heavy ? too light ? too fragile ? is it going to slipped in your pocket most times ? or would you carry it in a pocket or your purse? How big is the screen?

cvalue_blogimage_7-8-2015-1You’ll also want to consider your lifestyle. If you work or play in an  active or outdoors environment, you’re going to want a phone that can stand up to being dropped or knocked around.

You can also buy good cases to protect the phone, but you’re still going to want to choose durable hardware to put in that case.


Personally , i love phones that can slip into my pocket , others prefer the bigger phones.

If you are the type that always have a bag and a briefcase with you then you can as

well go for bigger smartphone .

mobilephones1There are many phones that are less than 4.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide which makes it portable such as the iphone 3 , 4S , Nokia Lumia early series etc.

So you need to consider the size before you purchase a new phone .


There are currently two popular operating system which most people recognize first which is the Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. 

Andriod is is available on dozens of devices in a multitude of designs, and is highly customizable.

Apple, on the other hand, aims for quality over quantity, releasing only one or two phones a year.

Apple offers a myriad of third-party apps but iOS allows very little customization of its user interface and configuration options are much more limited.

If choice and customization are important to you, an Android phone is your best choice.



Many Mobile devices both feature and smartphones have varying settings which can either make the screen to be hard to see in full daylight even when put at full brightness.

BatterySo if you would be working more during daylight then you would need a good retina display which is only in smartphones.  As full the highest level of brightness would also require a higher battery life as it drains battery faster .



So having gone through some the above listed items , do you really need a new phone now ?

The fact is that if you differentiate your needs from wants when purchasing a new phone , you might as well spend that few cash saved into a new device or new contract could end up going to something more valuable .

so make sure you truly do need a smartphone at that exact point in time.