Hair styles speak more about your personality than your words ever could and so is a dread hairstyle.

Dreadlock is one such hairstyle that has always intrigued others because of its uniqueness.

You may not be as famous as Bob Marley but wearing Rastafarian dreadlocks will surely express your commitment to faith and spirituality.

Keeping this in mind, we are listing here some cool dread styles for men to try.

Dread Hair Styles For The Stylish Man

Short Dread Styles

Short dreadlocks are easy to wear and are a good choice if you like to go simple with no pinning or braiding.

Short dread style may not be as appealing as the longer one, but it surely is a loc-friendly style to start with.

Dread Mohawk Styles

Dread styling is common among black men, but that does not imply others can’t have it.

The Mohawk with braided side dreads locked into twists at the top can be a fitting choice for those who want a bold change.

Chief Keef Dreads Style

The rapper Chief Keef is known for his twisted, small and tight dreadlocks.

To get a dread style like Chief Keef, initially you need to make smaller skinnier dreads, which will eventually grow into long and full dreadlocks.

Basket Weave Dreadlocks

Combining dreads with a distinctive pattern is something that only a qualified hair stylist can do.

The basket weave plait demands a lot of patience and time, wherein the dreads are collected into a ponytail while the braid is formed of locs from the hairline.

Fade and Spiked Dreadlocks

Another great way to style your dreads is to taper the sides and shorten the locs in the middle.

The locks should be pulled back to get a spike-like look.

Dread Twist Styles

The twisted dreadlock, a slightly intricate hairstyle, requires precision to achieve the well-groomed look.

Shape your hair into a chunky faux hawk and then braid the top with a couple of twists.

Dyed Dreads Styles

If you are the one who loves doing experiments with hair color, go for a dual tone dread style.

Here, simple longer dreadlocks are highlighted with a shade of your choice, brown being the best option. You can also go for the ombre effect i.e. black at the roots and honey blond at the ends.