65-year-old Caitlyn Jenner can be said to becoming a fashion model and icon.

According to E! news , Caitlyn Jenner was spotted in an all black leather outfit both top and bottom and she completed this look with a leather boots and purse.

caitlyn-jenner-634x1024 Caityln is becoming more sociable as she was reported to have spent several hours at the Nobu restaurant .

The I am Cait star is really having the time of her life as she spent time with friends.
Caitlyn wore her hair in loose waves and i loved that diamond pendant necklace which was said to be delicate and matched it with a diamond stud earring  with a ring on each hand.

Of course she wasn’t alone but was seen in the company of a male friend.

She also sported a white nail polish, which was well accentuated against the skin-tight leather pants!

The I ma Cait Star seen heading to a waiting car after leaving the Nobu Restaurant