Nigeria i would always say is a wonderful country with of course wonderful people.

Getting a gift for your Nigerian Girlfriend for Valentine is no easy task . Nigerian ladies , most of them do not buy the Flowers , chocolates ad ice creme treats .

valentine-gift-for (4) So to my lovely male readers , if you want to make a remarkable and lovely valentine , here are 10 exclusive options for a typical Nigerian Girlfriend

Here are 8 Gift Ideas to shower on your Nigerian     Girlfriend for valentine

valentine-gift-for (5)1.Human Hair
There is no Nigerian Lady / girl /woman who doesn’t cherish hair. Ladies love hair .

valentine-gift-for (8)

You really need to know how much Nigerian ladies invest in human hair the likes of Brazilian , Indian , Peruvian etc.

And guys these hairs do not come in cheap so this is a very good idea of a perfect valentine gift for your girlfriend.
Note that it has to be the original one o.

Thank me later.

2. Loads of Original Makeup set
Guys, makeup is very essential to every lady especially those who like it . A nice way to make her day this valentine is to get her a bunch of Original , i repeat , Original makeup set .

valentine-gift-for (6)From Mac to mary kay to Bobbi Brown etc . lipsticks, eye shadow, bronzers, eye liners, concealers etc. If you need assistance you could ask her friends.
But if your girlfriend isn’t into makeup , then a nice designer perfume is the answer.
Please guys , ladies do not appreciate the aboki perfume . thanks!

3. Designer Bags & Shoes
Shoes bro! They have a special place in their hearts. Get her a special pair of shoes she really wants. Tip: If you don’t want to splurge a huge amount on just one pair, split it into three and get her three different shoes, give her at random times during the day. She will thank you later.

4. Topnotch  Natural Hair Products
Nigerian Ladies have embraced the naturalista craze , so probably your girlfriend is #teamnatural, or aspiring to .
valentine-gift-for (7)
All you need to do is get a set of natural hair products  for her from  bonnets, Shea butter, coconut oil, natural conditioners etc. There are uncountable things to get. Don’t pass up on the opportunity.

5. Shopping Spree
if you have a Nigerian Girlfriend who is a Shopaholic then this is a perfect and ideal valentine treat and that’s of course if you have the cash ..Be smart about it too

6.Engagement Ring
Put a ring on it .

Man surprising woman with engagement ring at restaurant table

So valentine day proposals are always lovely . Its definitely the dream of every bae to become a wife . So go get the ring and do justice.
7. Original Jewelry
Diamonds are a lady’s best friend Omg! If you really want to make a Nigerian girl stick to you like glu then diamond is the key, I mean can u imagine what it means to be giving a diamond necklace, ring etc cha! She will melt and might probably go dumb for a month due to over excitement.
8. 5 star Date Night
Every Nigerian lady loves to be pampered and way to do so is by treatingher to a 5 star Date Night . Take her to a lovely restaurant . Then let the gentleman in you be shown .

You can also treat her to a romantic home dinner with meal prepared by you..

Remember, it’s a day to express your love for each other, and not a time to outdo yourselves in an attempt to impress. So go on and have a great time together.