New year is always a time and opportunity to make changes and adjustments for a better year ahead. Have you made any Beauty Resolution yet ???

So with the resolution fever all round , beauty divas shouldn’t be left out .  So fellow EB Beauty Family , here are some beauty resolution that you can add to your list this year.

6 Beauty Resolutions You Should Make This 2016 Beauty Tips Evatese Blog

Beauty Resolution For You

1.No more Sleeping With Makeup . Remove your make-up!!!
We are all guilty of this (myself included), that late night and just cant be disturbed about heading to the mirror to remove make-up on .

Beauty Resolution: Photo Credit: Urbangyal

But it is important to note that it is really harmful to your skin to sleep with your makeup on .
Let me tell you why , during your sleep , your skin expels toxins , regenerates and gets renewed.
So sleeping with makeup on your skin would restrict this process and then your skin has to work extra hard because makeup is covering your pores, preventing these processes from occurring.

sleeping in your foundation can clog your pores, leading to problems including acne, dryness and red, inflamed skin.
So this new year , make this an important resolution to make so that we avoid skin conditions.

You can use an oil-free make-up remover first, followed by your regular cleanser and moisturizer.

2. Try a New Hair Style
Yea , being having on that constant hairstyle or maybe have particular hairstyles you try out .

Beauty Resolution Trying out a new hairstyle this year Credit: elle.

This new year  go out of your comfort hair zone and give you hair a new look. I’m not saying you chopping off your hair but just try out a different style.

3. Water! Water !! Water!!!
7 glasses of water per day enriches your skin a great deal , Leaving your skin dehydrated can lead to having a dry and flaky skin .

Woman Drinking Water
Beauty Resolution. Photo Credit:Brickellscosmetics

So give that a thought to make changes to this new year.

4.Beauty Audit / Stock Taking
Do you know that beauty products have use-by dates just like the food in our kitchen.

Expired beauty products can cause negative effects such as  skin reactions, conjunctivitis and other eye infections etc.
Foundations and moisturizers generally last a year after opening.

Many products carry an “open jar” symbol that indicates how long, in months, the product can be safely used after opening, if properly stored.

Stick to it!

5. Makeup Brushes Revamp
How long do you use your makeup brushes before you wash them ? a month , a week ? Never ??

Beauty Resolution; Photo Credit: Inmakeup

Just a Month old foundation , eye shadow on your makeup brushes harbors harmful bacteria .

The bacteria can live on unwashed brushes for months and each time you apply your make-up you run the risk of them transferring to your skin and causing problems such as skin irritation or infection,” says make-up artist Allie Clark.

It is advisable to wash your brushes at least once a month , i advice twice a month .

You can do this by , rinsing your brushes in warm water with facial cleanser, Work it through the bristles with your fingers and dry with a towel gently

6. Cuticles Care
Taking care of your nails , cuticles i a key to healthy and pretty nails . Buy a manicure kit for your personal use and try to get your nails cleaned and done regularly.

Bonus : Take that Beauty Risk
Try the colors in your eye shadow palette that you’ve never touched before — maybe a purple, burgundy or teal.

Also pull out that siren red lipstick you’ve been too afraid to put on. You might find the brighter your lip, the brighter your day.

So my lovely EB fam , what beauty resolutions have you made this year ??

What is your Beauty Resolution this year Beautyv Tips EvateseblogWhat do you think? What will your beauty resolution be for 2016?

Me personally- I’m going with the hair one. So excited to play with different styles!

Wishing you a Healthy and beautiful Year ahead !!!!!