There are some characters and attitude that we put up daily and unknowingly repels the opposite sex especially when it has to do with relationships.
Here on EB Relationship Tips , would be sharing 5 powerful and neccessary things to take note off.

I wont be one sided , this particular series is for the ladies while another would be for the guys / men.
So here are 5 quick things that ladies do to turn off men.

5. Nagging

Someone said to much everything is too much. A little nag once ina  while wont kill or hurt but when it becomes a constant behaviour or way of life then its a problem.

Ladies that Nag too Much Tend to Chase their Men Away. Photo Credit:

Most men really depise nagging ladoes ,  as it tends to affect them in a negative way. Then affected men start keeping things away from the nagging lady etc.
Yes i agree everyone complains but its houldnt be  all the time as it is huge turn off

4. Mean

Sometimes i ask some ladies if being mean makes any changes in  their lives as i it rather subtracts.
When a man realies a lady os too mean , they tend to lean back away from you.

woman posing with attitude
Ladies , being mean doesnt pay at all

Stop being mean! Be kind not just to others , but also people around you.

3. Ex

I can say almost all ladies if not all is guilty of talking about her EX.

This is a huge turn off for men as it gives a clue of you still holding back to your previous relationship.  Its ok to talkj about it once in a very blue moon but never all the time.

woman posing with attitude

2.Talking Only

When you are the only one always doing the talking while you are supposedly having a converstaion with your boyfriend , how do you think that makes him feel ? Sidelined
Having meanful converations should definetly involve both parties given a fair level playing ground to talk.

1. Clingy

I hate to admit this fact, every lady has the tendency to be clingy . It is natural as ladies are more emotionally attached to their partners when in a relationship.


Men like to be pursers rather than to be worked on constantly as smothering a guy is a sure-fire way to scare him away.

So ladies , these few things that you do  some uncounsciously and ome consciously should be checked so that you dont chase your man away.

Your turn —->

What else turns you off, guys? Let me know in the comments below. Ladies, keep an eye out for “5 things guys do that turn women off”. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!