Bags have been known to be an essential accessory , infact a must-have for every Lady in existence. Be it small or big , clutches to big bags.

5 Must-Have Bags For Every Woman
They are used everyday and i bet no lady can deny that handbags are importanat and more than a fashion statement .

So  to keep things easy and simple for you , Evateseblog brings to you a quick list of bags you must have as a lady.

5 Bags Evey Woman Must Have

#5 Black Classic Bag
Thhis classic black bag is a neccesity for you as a lady . No matter the brand , cheap or luxury , from a big designer or from the street corner , the black Bag is a major investment in every Lady’s wardrobe.

Black-Classic-BagMinus it being essential , it is your go-to bag for any outfit you want to wear without wasting timwe on mathing and all.

#4 The Clutch
A clutch is averstile bag and a good investment as at athat . It can go for a night out or even during the day to look stylish .


It comes in handy when you dont wanna take much out ut just yor phone , and cash and cards etc.

It is the perfect solution you can use when you get bored of a baggy bag. You will just take this and go where you feel like it.

Choosing a bag like this, won’t fail you. Plus, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of compliments for it.

Tip: When you chose a clutch for the day, you can for example, buy one that has a lot of colors. Just to give a plus to your outfit.

They come in avrious patterns , colour and prints and can be used for any event …even to work ..

#3 Crossbody Bag
The crossbody bag is a must-have because it’s amazingly wearable and comfortable.

Hands-free shopping, train commuting, coffee-down-the-street-carrying; really, the possibilities are endless. If you expect to have your hands full on a certain day, you need one of these

The best part about a crossbody bag is that there are multiple ways to wear it. It’s functional and hands-free, ideal for the subway, a concert, or running to the grocery store.

#2 Nude bag

Having a nude bag is also important as it can aslo match every outfit you have,. It is just an older sister of the black classy day bag … It serves the purpose of a multi-outfit bag.

Nude-Bag#1 Oversized Bag
There is always a need for oversized bag ..Every girl needs a big bag to throw everything in to.


Make sure it’s oversized enough to carry all of your essentials and more. Otherwise known as a hobo bag, you can wear it on your shoulder or your arm.

What other bag do you think every Lady should have ?