Bags are not sterotyped and not made for only ladies . There are men-bags that Men utilize to aid their everyday activity.

5 Bags Every Man Should Have

Most men often give in to the Back-pack syndrome which is seen as a default ManBag . But No there are some occasions , outfits that you cant use the backpack hence this list.

So Men in the House , Chckeck out the 5 Bags / Men-Bags every Man / Guy should have.

5 Bags Every Man Should Have

#5 Sport Bag For Men
Most men or lets say men who hit the gym regulalry od course would need a bag to slot in neccessary items.

gym bag

So heading out to the gym , football training and any other sweaty activity , then a Gym bag / Sports bag comes in handy ..

Your gym bag should ideally be smaller and a little less decorative, but still appropriate to carry into the office.

Basically, you should have a bag you don’t mind filling with sweaty socks, like Herschel’s Sutton Duffel, which comes in a sleek, nondescript black.

#4 The Briefcase
The briefcase is tagged the traditional bag for men. Hardly do you see a woman carry a briefcase.


This is one very appropraite bag for the workplace. it gives you that respect, as they say the way you are dreesed is how you woulod be adressed.

It gives that confidence boost when out to important / less important business meetings.

It doesnt have to be the conventional briefcase we all grew up to know.  There are now stylish , compact or Bigger briefcases  of which you  can make your chioce from.

Note that it is a work-only bag and advised to be worn with Business , formal attires.

#3 Back Pack
The Backpasck is usually tagged a classic staple in any Man’s wardrobe.  It is Perfect for travel and more casual work environments.


Very roomy and comfortable as it can accommodate a lot of items .

a backpack can be thrown over your shoulders so that your hands are completely free.

#2 Sling Bag / Messenger Bag

The messenger bag has been a staple in men’s fashion , a classic alternative to the backpack.

It is also looked as a funkier version of the Briefcase.  This sling bag is a must have as it can serve various purposes and ocassions.

Teakwood-Brown-Leather-Sling-BagIt can serve as a bag for  students , while commuting to work , informal metings etc.

Although the rise of men’s bags gave way to many fresh new styles, the messenger bag will always be a tried-and-true classic bag every man should have

#1 Duffle Bag / Holdall
The classic duffel type of men bags is great for weekend getaways. Most Duffel bag are water resistant and very tough.

Cenzo Leather Duffle Bag

The zippers facilitate easy access to the main compartment, and the nylon handles support the load tote.

It also has adjustable shoulder trap as well as convenient storage sack.  A small duffel is perfect for short weekend trips and other small excursions.

These bags are the perfect size to hold all your stuff while still being manageable enough to easily lug around with you no wonder it can be called a Holdall BAG