hello ladies, this is from me to you sharing my love. most especially the single ladies.

DON’T go about saying, “I hate Valentine’s Day” and Don’t post it on Facebook. Don’t tweet it .

DON’T listen to the mix tape your ex boyfriend gave you, especially not while drinking wine.

DON’T get all post-post-feminism and take yourself out for a fancy dinner because you’re an independent woman and you once saw a movie in which the girl did that and it was awesome and then she met THE ONE at the restaurant even though she wasn’t looking for him and then they lived happily ever after. This will not happen to you. you might just end up disappointed

DON’T spend all day hoping you receive flowers or chocolates or a funny e-card at the very least from a secret admirer. You won’t. dont be disappointed.

DON’T send yourself flowers. its kinda weird.

DON’T watch The Notebook. Watching The Notebook on Valentine’s Day is the number one cause of suicide among single women in Australia. The number two cause is listening to Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’.

DON’T hang out with other single people. You will spend the night lying to each other about how you don’t care that you’re single because don’t need a boyfriend/girlfriend to make you happy. Then you will go home and cry wank (crank?) until you fall asleep.

DON’T go on a blind or first date.

DON’T wear red to work. You won’t look cute. You’ll look like a desperate lady


DO go to a singles event. It will be lame and you will feel superior to everybody there but maybe just maybe you’ll have a good time and if not you can just get drunk and silently judge people/do the worm.

DO  make and give homemade chocolates to a male person in your life as “an expression of love, courtesy or social obligation”.

DO watch this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47aS3uSCHLc   It’s quite hilarious.

DO ensure you are open to new ideas

DO cook for yourself an awesome, deep-fried meal, watch Mean Girls, dance around your bedroom in your underwear to ‘Single Ladies’, and then lie spread-eagled across the bed you have all to yourself. Hey, why not have a lady fiddle as well? You deserve it.

in conclusion you should really have fun and enjoy yourself, take yourself to a nice treat. you do not need a guy in your life to be happy but being happy on your own attracts the right kind of guy