Every lady , Girl is all beautiful both inside and outside but sometimes we just want that little enhancements and makeover.

Well it gets out of the way when that little enhancement is done wrongly.So here are


5 makeup mistakes you should totally avoid:

1. Foundation : Cakey & Unmatched
The foundation as i will always stress out is very important and most essential part of makeup.

It is necessary for you to choose the foundation that matches your skin for a flawless blending.

Also to avoid cakey foundation look ensure you blend properly and seal with powder(pressed)

2. Too Much Powder

If you have oily skin you might tend to apply more powder than those with dry skin .
When excessive powder is applied it can also make your face look caked and even unhealthy which is part of the makeup mistakes to avoid at all cost.

Apply just the right amount needed at that time and you can have a compact powder in your handy makeup kit ..

Delicately reapply powder as needed. Use translucent powder, and use a light touch when applying it.

3. Eyelashes that’s Clumped
Applying mascara works magic to the eyes but at the same time , it can get clumpy and that’s a terrible makeup mistake to make.

You can apply one more coat if you want but it is better not to mess with it. You can use an eyelash curler prior to the application of mascara.

EBBEAUTYTIP: Mascara can feel clumpy after a few months because of the regular pumping motion, but this doesn’t mean it’s done. If you add a few drops of saline solution you can make it last longer and save some cash.

4. Lipstick
The lips need to have a proper base before application of lipstick. Most ladies are guilty of this makeup mistake applying lipstick on an unprepared lips.

The lipstick would not last if applied directly without base.  So apply your moisturizer as a base before lipstick application.

Also the another lipstick mistake is smudged lipstick. Outline it perfectly with the color closest to the shade you are about to apply and use a brush to fill in the color.

5. Baseless makeup
This is one huge makeup mistake commonly made by ladies.

Imagine building a house without a foundation , it sure would crumble. Likewise applying makeup on bare skin which would make you look artificial.

So do the routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face. Don’t ever avoid this. Let the moisturizer absorb.

pplying moisturizer on slightly damp face seals in the moisture. Then apply primer all over your face, paying special attention to the areas around your eyes. This makes your face makeup ready.

Follow these simple steps and your makeup will never go wrong. The right kind of makeup ensures a flawless you.!

Have you committed any of these makeup mistakes ? Did i omit any makeup mistakes made by ladies ? Share your views below.