Suicide alert!!! Oladipo Olalekan Ige , a  400 level Law student of Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, Oladipo Olalekan Ige, committed suicide on Monday March 3rd after allegedly being jilted by a girl. He was found dead in his room in Ile-Ife on Monday evening. He’d killed himself with poison.

Dipo ,an academically sound individual was known to be a loner and depression had a strong hold over him .He had been  threatening to kill himself for weeks of which he did on Monday .According to his friends, Dipo’s girlfriend of almost a year broke things off with him in early February and all means to get her back didn’t work. And nobody really took his threat to commit suicide seriously until his body was found in his off campus residence. His body has been taken away to his home town of Ibadan by his family members.

May his soul Rest In Peace .

Was the suicide act worth it ? is that the answer ?