Its another weekend and lots of events such as Weddings, naming ceremony , parties etc take place.

Like most Africans, Nigerians specially , when Aso-ebi are purchased , or You just happen to attend that occasion souvenirs are usually given as a thank you for doing so .  I know how Nigerian Brides are always insistent on making their weddings unique .

Its actually a great way to thank your guests and leave them with a reminder of your special day for years to come.

So below are 30 Great Ideas to Show your appreciation with practical and elegant wedding souvenirs

1. Writing pad

2.Large Basin /Bowl

3.Hand Fans

Custom fans can feature picture of the happy couple on one side, and your vows, favorite song lyrics, Bible verse or other information on the other.

4.Glass Cups

5.Customized Mobile Phones

6.Bathroom Set

This is another good idea ..

7.Wall clock



8.Flag Pen

9.Fridge Magnets




12. Notebooks


13. Calendars

14. Wallets

15. Make up pouches

16. Customized Tissue Box

17. Carrier Bags

18. Trays

 19. customized porcelain Plates

20. Gift Hamper

21.Goddie Bags

22. Customized Wine


23. Bottle Stoppers

24. Personalized Playing Cards

25 . Food Flasks

26. Water Bottles

27. Key holders

28. Pens

29. Pressing Iron


30 Kitchen Napkins and Serviette packs

 31. Chopping Board

32. Cooking spoons

33. Set of Cooking Knives



34 & 35 is for you my dear readers. What other ideas do you think should be part of this list

Did i miss any more souvenir ideas ? If yes why not drop them below in the comment box.

Also is there any souvenir listed you have used before ? what is your opinion ? or is there any souvenir you dont like ? tell us why




  1. am planning for my wedding,and i like the umbrellas. what will it cost me. reach me on my email.

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