Lekki is a part of Lagos State, Nigeria but situated on the island . Amazing place, good food and all.

So let me share with you how i spent 24 hours in Lekki…

The Arrival

I got to Lekki from the mainland where i reside in order to get away from the Mainland fever and get a feel of the living experience in the much acclaimed highbrow area where money grows on trees . hehehe.

Got into Lekki in the morning to set off my day. Took Public transport in order to experience the life of an average commuter.

As usual traffic was present but wasn’t that bad as i had expected, cheap fare as well from CMS to Lekki was just about 200.


So in order not to be a wanderer i decided to get a comfy, homely hotel to lodge for the day for my in and out rest periods as i explore few areas in lekki.

I sure made a good choice and picked Dixie Suites, Lekki Phase 1.

There were other choices but this felt right from the good treatment from staffs, to prompt response to calls and complaints.

I took somebooks along with me thinking i would have a me time to glance through but nah that didnt work .


Hmm, ok im officially a foodie and i must say, Lekki has loads and line up of food and drink outlets with various cuisines, from Nigerian Meal to International Dishes.

Took a sneak peek into few of the Restaurants but still had my reservations.

Went shopping for Snacks to keep me going for the day.

I couldnt resist the popular suya delicacy with a  bottle of my Wine. *winks*

My Food outlet choice was The Place Restaurant Lekki, their food was amazing. Affordable and of course tasty.



Moving about in Lekki has become easier than before when we hardly see bikes or buses. But now it is now easier for the average individual.

I plied Bike as well as the Buses and they are very affordable. Also the Taxis in the area aren’t that bad as well but can be pricy especially when you call from a hotel and you are a fine babe .Lol.


I decided to take a bus tour from the end of Lekki Phase one to the beginning, i enjoyed it with a Lekki Republican who also has love for the Community.



Oh yes, The Beach! I’ve always loved going to the beach, but due to my very tight schedule i hardly have time to do so.

So the opportunity came calling and i took a trip to Elegushi Beach which wasn’t far from the Hotel i lodged.

The feeling of the fresh air, the movement of the sea waves as well as the feel of the water on my legs was a sure needed therapy.

Living in Lekki is great as there is close proximity to the beach.


It’s great to know that Lekki is one area in Lagos State that has more than one beach to itself, some private some public. Elegushi is my preferred choice though.


The Popular Ebeano Market was a place i made sure i didn’t miss out on. After the fire incident which destroyed the former complex, it has bounced back and i was happy.

I decided to window shop and check out what they have and what i had missed. I was impressed. Also there was also Daytona, another supermarket in Lekki which was also impressive.

24 Hours got exhausted under the twinkle of an Eye and i had to head back to the Mainland to continue the bustle and hustle routine. 

My experience in Lekki was great.

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