Can you be Pregnant and fashionable? find out here

Hello , it’s another fashion segment on EB . Todays segment is focusing on pregnant ladies. Most times when we talk fashion, we tend to forget that pregnant ladies also desire to be fashionable.

21 Cool Ways To Own Maternity Style When You're Pregnant

Maternity clothes ! Yeah that phrase kinda sounds out of fashion and horrific to those fashion lovers but as stylish as you are, you can make maternity to become desirable.

Gone are those days when you abandon your sense of style for those amazing nine months just because you are pregnant. it’s possible to be pregnant and gorgeous.

So i will  be sharing with you few fashion tips for you to look fabulous an stylish even with your baby bump. here are few advice and tips for you.


19 Fashion Tips For Pregnant Women

Follow these simple fashion tips

Supportive Underwear

Make sure your inner wears or undergarment wont  make you look out of  shape. So get ones that flatter your belly. Having the right underwear will make your clothes fit better.

During pregnancy, your body becomes bigger than usual so having a good maternity underwear is also great way to cover up any lumps .

Under Belly Maternity Shorts - Black
Born Naked Under Belly Maternity Shorts    

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Also Buy Bigger undies. You can also add those maternity panties as they’re extra stretchy with a low cut to keep you and your bump comfortable.


Maternity Bra
Maternity Bra

Before you even have a noticeable baby bump, your breasts start growing, which makes the proper bra a must-have.

Chemise Maternity Bra - Black
Maternity Bra


A bra that fits properly can make you look slim and give you the support you need. pick out a bra that fits your new size well. Buy Bigger Bras.

Pencil Skirts

Kim K. Rocking Pencil Skirts while She Was pregnant.

The fact that you are pregnant doesn’t hinder you from rocking those pencil skirts.Pencil skirt is one of the most comfortable and elegant pieces to wear when you are pregnant.

It can make your baby bump visible stylishly and  the skirts can also be used after you have given birth.

Tummy Belts

Add a Belt To Your Clothes
Add a Belt To Your Clothes

Yes you can still wear belts. Do not worry it wont suffocate the baby .  So why not flatter your baby bump by adding a thin belt above your tummy if you’re wearing a dress, as it will accentuate the slim area under your bust an  it helps give a bit more shape.

It is also an accessory as most apparels are plain hence giving you that stylish touch and defining your fabulous body.

Belts can also help show off your fabulous baby bump, but it has be worn correctly!.

Your belt should not go below but just on the top of your bump. so show it off! 

Especially during those in-between weeks when you’re definitely bigger but don’t have a truly defined bump yet – it’ll let people know that you’re pregnant – not big!

Fab Flats

Flat Shoes During Pregnancy

You’ve been wearing those heels before now so its time to ditch them and rock flats. Trust me when i say wearing heels during pregnancy is not a good idea.

Especially during the last few months when sometimes your feet might swell and balancing your weight in those shoes  as your bump gets bigger might be difficult.

So why not go comfortable in those flats that are spacious enough .Trade in your heels for a pair of inexpensive but stylish flats.

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Buy some cute flats that are comfortable and spacious enough to let your feet fill them out. Look for ones that match your maternity wardrobe.


Say No to Over-Sized Clothes

Don’t you know that these over-sized items would actually make you look bigger than you are ? and i am sure you don’t want to look bigger than you are .

When showing a pregnant figure always apply form-fitting as figure figure-hugging clothes won’t make you look fat when you’re expecting; they’ll make you look slimmer and will show off the sexy pregnant lady that you are.

So ditch over-sized clothes. Get form fitted tops , pants which would make you look fabulous. Baggy clothes are out and form – fitting is in.

Fitted Item+ Loose Item

This is another very important tip to note. You should pair a fitted item with a looser one.

Invest Wisely

invest wisely during pregnancy
Invest Wisely During pregnancy

Being Pregnant doesn’t mean you have to change wardrobe afresh. You should invest in basics that are necessary such as think tunic-style tops, wrap dresses, Good looking and comfortable jeans, trousers  simple, pencil skirt, camisoles and cardigans.

Once you are done with your pregnancy, you will never want to wear the same maternity clothes again, so don’t splurge on unnecessary clothes claiming you will “wear them, post baby” — trust me, you will not.

Note : they must come with an expandable waistline!

A-Line Tops & Dresses

You should have blouses , dresses and tops that have space to spare in the stomach part of your body. This is very essential.

V Neck Top - White
A-line V-neck Top

Pairing this top with a pair of jeans or shorts and you are all set to go.
It is advisable to get those tops that are fitted from top till the the chest and them flow out or are free from under the bust region ..This can flatter you.
They also help smarten your appearance and also make enough room for your enlarging tummy.

The Belly Band

This is one item to always have as a pregnant lady . When your bump starts growing , your clothes especially the tops start looking smaller and even your pants wont button any more. To avoid to buy more clothes as your bump increases , the belly band comes in handy.

The belly band helps to keep you stylish , it is a fashion must have for every pregnant lady. It is stretch and expandable to accommodate your bump.

In other to solve this ,you can get a few stretchy belly bands in different colors.

Low waist skirts

Low-Waist Herringbone Maternity Skirt - Blue
Low-Waist Herringbone Maternity Skirt

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This are also another type of skirts that come in very handy especially those months before you give birth.For a more formal look, you can pair with a matching Jacket or Blazer.

Wrap Dresses

Long Sleeve Wrap DressGET THIS DRESS HERE

This is another comfortable Apparel you can put on as you do not have to deal with buttons and zippers.

Don’t Buy Fashion Trends..

They Can be a waste of money.

Pair of jeans

investing in a good pair of maternity jean is a must have for very pregnant woman.

8 Maternity Fashion Tips for Pregnant Women

Your comfort is priority.,


Leggings to look stylish while pregnant
Leggings to look stylish while pregnant

It is one of the most comfortable items to wear during this period. Since they are mainly made of stretchy materials it creates comfort. It also aids increase in circulation and prevents swelling from legs. Note that the dark colors make you look slimmer.


Accessories ranging from scarves, jewels, bags and shoes look great in pregnancy to sharpen your look and bring a sense of individual style.

Hair and make-up

You don’t need to stop wearing stylish hair and make-up just because you’re pregnant.  Your makeup and haiir enhances you and allows for you to look fabulous. It has worked on celebrities that we all know.

 Comfort is New Sexy

Get Comfortable Skirts and Trousers for this special time. Depending on the stage you are in, you may prefer Low-Waist or High-waist Skirts and Trousers. Either ways, be sure to consider comfort first.

just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel beautiful and stylish, while being comfortable.

Maxi Dress Can Be Worn

You can also wear maxi dresses but not bogus ones.

Comfort Floral Dress - Multicolour
Multicolor Floral Dress


No matter what your body shape, maxi dresses are a great option for a stylish pregnancy wardrobe. Choose from short-hemmed or full-length dresses (if you don’t like your arms, simply add a jacket for a chic look).

In conclusion,

fashion tips pregnant lady

Those 9 months shouldn’t be taken for granted so look your best , feel Good , embrace your new body, take care of it and, above all, feel comfortable with these fashion tips.

It’s important to enjoy your maternity time… You’ll miss it afterwards.

How did you dress when pregnant? Did you end up buying a lot of maternity clothes, or did you make things you already own work?