Whenever you read or see packing tips , its usually tailored for ladies. This post would dish out travel packing tips for guys.

Unlike ladies , Guys find it hard to be organized and even pack things needed to travel before time.

18 Free Quick Travel Packing Tips For Every Guy

Most guys pack that morning or some hours before the trip and most times tend to forget stuff.

Most of the guys I know, my dad and myself included, tend to wait until zero hour and either end up stranded.

So lets check out This Travel Packing Tips for You !!!

1. Tops are essential .

Always have a thermal long sleeve shirt and cotton shirts as they can come in handy.fast drying t-shirt and loose, comfortable pants. Always have an extra . Also try as much as possible to iron
2. Bottoms

Always have a fast drying underwear and and extra pants just in case.

3. shoes
1 x pair of flip-flops (just a basic pair, when/if they break, just buy some new ones along the way)

18 Free Quick Travel Packing Tips For Every Guy Evatese Blog

4. Toiletries

A quick checklist can help . Try as much as possible to have  toothbrush,  small tube of toothpaste (buy small tubes rather than carrying a big one), small bottle of shampoo, bar of soap and soapbox, deodorant (available in all countries), electric, travel-sized razor and  fast-drying, anti-microbial towel (many guesthouses won’t have towels)

6.Your Essentials
very important , your passport , ticket , cash and any other important document needed should be the first thing to be packed so as not to forget.

7.Do Laundry

Ensure your laundry is done before hand so that when packing you dont get stranded. You really don’t want to discover you have only two pairs of boxers hours to your trip.

8. Pre-Pack
Yes this might be kinda hard / difficult but its important.

9. Extras
Always have at least an extra t-shirt , boxers etc who knows all sorts of unexpected events occur and you don’t want to get caught up .

10 . Universal items
Carry shoes that can serve for business and casual purpose. Also throw in cloths / accessories that can be interchanged for different occasions.
11. Roll Instead of Fold.
while packing , it is advised that your ties should be rolled as folding causes creases.

12. Create Space

while packing your shoes , you can roll up socks into it and any other thing small that can fit . This creates / saves space as well protect your shoes.

13. Power
Do not forget your power bank as you don’t want to be stranded . carry at least one travel charger , power bank etc. Put all chargers and cables into one makeshift bag so as not to forget it,bring two and make sure at least one is in your carry-on.

14. Toiletries
This is very important as you don’t want to arrive your destination and start looking for toothpaste , toothbrush and the likes as some hotels might also run out too.
so before hand get a small toiletry bag and deodorant, toothpaste, and anything else you need for your trip instead of packing what you already have at home.

15. Last Look
Create a particular space either on your bed or a space and lay out all your travel needs.

This would enable you to have a look and drop in forgotten but needed items. As this helps to avoid the risk of forgetting or even misplacing any item.

Plus, you won’t have to dig through your suitcase the next morning because you packed the hoodie you wanted to wear on the plane.

when most guys arrive their destination , they live out from their suitcase . bags . Well i do not recommended this as the longer these items stay in your box / bag pack the more they get rumpled  , wrinkled and rough.

17. Lightweight is Bae
Try as much as possible to carry less . Carry /pack those items you know are very essential to you for the trip.

18. Protection

don’t forget to pack some condoms. Sure, you can buy some on the road – but why not prepare ahead of time and protect yourself by having a box handy.

I hope this Travel Packing Tips come in Handy soonest .

What do you pack in your bag for a long trip? Did we miss anything? Leave a comment below!