Been a while EB readers. Well I’ve been down with some kind of stuff that I can not explain here but I’m so glad to be back. I missed everyone. Please accept my apologies.

I can’t believe that I’m seeing 12/12/12. Its a once in a lifetime event. Some people might never again see this kind of day in their lives. Some may never get to the next century. It is believed that this day will bring good fortune while some others especially engaged couples plan to hold their weddings on this day,even expectant parents hope to deliver their baby on that date.

The next is in 3012 which is in 88 years time ,in which I know that some people, in fact everyone alive now may never have this golden day opportunity.

So I want you all to drop in your comments and what you think you should do this rare day.

The perfect time for today is 12-12-12 12:12:12. Which twelve minutes and twelve seconds past noon please make your wish and use that moment wisely because its once in a life time o


  1. Eva, good u r back! Nobody alive now (mortal at least) will see 3012!!! That 1000yrs from now nt 88yrs. Today is just unique that’s all I don’t attach Unnecessary importance to it.