Rainy season is the time of the year to be excited but in Nigeria , its a different tale to tell.  let me explain to you , In Nigeria there are 2 seasons every year , the dry and rainy seasons.

Nigerians are quite happy when the dry seasons are over as there would be fresh food produce, and the atmosphere becomes cool and temperature lowered a bit as against the hot and discomforting dry season.


You get splashed here and there.This is our fall/winter season! The time periods are usually from May till August and it peaks around June, July and August.

The weather is also cooler than usual and drops as low as 21 degrees Celsius.

But this yearn , thirst and love for rainy season ends within minutes as they remember the bad side effects it has on living in Nigeria.

Let me share

11 Reasons why Nigerians Despise Rainy Season


This is the first thing that comes to the mind of a Nigerian when asked about the odds of rainy season. I as a Nigerian really dread this period. Flooding is a major concern in Nigeria.

Floodwater submerges a vehicle in the Patani community in Nigeria’s Delta state, part of widespread flooding after major rivers burst their banks, submerging farmland, roads and homes. Photo October 15, 2012, REUTERS/Afolabi Sotunde

First the over-blocked and UN-kept drainage system , bad roads etc all amounts to a terrible period for residents in such areas. This flood has claimed Human lives, properties etc.

Photo Source: Allafrica

The above picture shows a major road flooded during rainy season in February 2012 which killed one person and also destroyed 500 houses in Lagos.

It could literally rain non-stop for a week and because of this, a major effect is flooding.


Market sales and Activities

When this rains start , lots of activities become truncated but most importantly of all is Markets.

During this rainy season , sales of goods reduces because when the ugly head of a crazy rain starts market sellers have to cover their markets especially those who shed in open spaces which  is common everywhere in Nigeria.

So when rain starts, everyone takes runs to take cover and this stops people from making purchases , and even if you want to make a purchase you wont do that conveniently.

This makes these market sellers unable to meet up with their financial obligations.

markets in raining season
Photo Source: Tribune

Have you been to market during Rainy season ? Share your experiences.

 Movements Are Restricted

It is so annoying when you are getting ready to go out ,already dressed then you hear the rain drops on your roof , its really annoying.

Worst case you re half way out and the rains starts, it really puts serious restriction on movement and activities. Talking about activities, see the next reason

Open Space Events Hindered

Yes!!!I’m a witness to this. There was a particular wedding i attended sometime ago that was ruined by just rain.

The wedding started well and half-way through, the rain started and eventually it came with a strong wind removing the canopies and people had to run halter-skeeter for cover.

Nigerians prefer outdoor and open spaces for celebrations and festivals so its really frustrating when rain disrupts these occasions.

Thats a typical example why Nigerians dread rainy season.

Clothes Hardly Dry

Photo Source:MNN

When i was a kid, my mum always laments on how she dreads rainy season. So when the sun hides and rain comes out, sometimes it can take 3 days for washed clothes to fully dry. Many depend on the heat of the sun top dry clothes washed fully.

White Clothes Are Hardly Worn

For those individuals who love white clothes, its hardly worn during this season as you get scared of it being spoiled by the splatter of dirty rain water.

Taking Cover

Photo Source: Science Addict

Oh yes this is when you know all the sprinters around you , especially if the rain comes unannounced as it does normally. You struggle to find shelter wit anything that is taller than you .LOL. But really i dislike it . Umbrellas sometimes don’t always help.


Crazy traffic builds up when rain is falling for whatever reason i have no idea bout. Its not cool at all. You will sit in your car in the rain on the same spot for one hour. It’s not funny at all. rainy season  Photo Source:Gulfnews

We all walk on Water

Rainy_seasonCan you remember the bible stories of Jesus walking on water ? Pardon me for being religious here but that is all i can use to explain. During rainy seasons in Nigeria, when the flood starts in , everyone becomes a water-walker.

Photo Source:Aderinola

Ill Health

Photo source:

Mosquitoes are known for giving out free MALARIA parasite to Nigerians . This happens the most during rainy season as this insects breed .Health experts say malaria is spread by mosquito and mosquitoes breed on stagnant water which is in abundance during the rainy season.

Cars Suffer

Photo Source: topetempler

Due to the fact that during rainy season, most places experience floods and all, cars suffer a lot .

To the extent that some people just have to either buy a replacement or make repairs.

A car submerged in flood caused by heavy rainfall ,August 2011
Photo Source: Bellanaija

Finally, Rainy Season is not so bad , but it depends on how your environment is . For example in Lagos , whenever it rains , roads are overtaken by flood as the drainage system is bad thereby making cars to act as canoes or ships.

Checkout some photos

Even i have heard of houses that collapse during this period. Then sickness and water-borne disease are on the rise…

Photo Source:floodsax

The list goes endless, but these are the 11 Real reasons why Nigerians hate , dread rainy season…

August 2011 rainy season in LAGOS
Photo  Source: Bella Naija

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