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11 Fashion Rainy Season Must-Haves

11 Fashion Rainy Season Must-Haves


Rainy Season is here upon us again and the rain has been slowly dominating our days.

The best part is staying indoors settling down with a warm blanket, tucked in bed with a cup of tea and  a good movie.

However we still have to carry out our daily responsibilities and duties so being outside in the rain is an entirely different story. We cant stop the rain but we can protect ourselves and get ready for its unannounced entrance at a any time .


So here are eleven (11)  Rainy Season must-haves that will help brighten up your day no matter how cloudy it may seem to help you get through the day.

1. Umbrella

This is by default. An umbrella is always a must have during rainy season except you love the feel of rain showering down on you . Umbrella protects your hair, clothes and yourself from getting drenched by the rain so it gives you necessary protection.

An umbrella is the most practical item for keeping that mane intact on a rainy day.
Photo Source: NewsCentral

Also note that some fancy umbrellas can’t withstand the force of the rain sometimes so get a sturdy one. Instead of the boring black basic umbrellas , you can go stylish with different colors, prints and patterns.

umbrella_rainy_seasonThe collapsible or folding umbrella is a good choice. But if you’re after a sturdy and reliable one, go for the normal size.

2. Raincoat

You might be wondering a raincoat ? Well yes , sometimes umbrellas might not be fashionable or even come in handy but a raincoat always does.

52386069c7df6-zoomMost people think that a raincoat is just for kids in school but then they are wrong. Because sometimes carrying around 3 foot umbrella isn’t as convenient as a fashionable raincoat.

A young woman in the rain Photo Source: StockPhoto

Just because the sky is a bit doom and gloom outside–doesn’t mean your clothes have to be.


3. Waterproof Handbags and Wallets

We all need to go about our daily activities and duties, and this doesn’t stop the rains. Leather and cloth-type purses, handbags do not go down well with rain . You can’t leave home without your makeup, phone and other gadgets you may need for work or school.

You can go for big plastic totes and large colorful purses in attractive colors, Transparent carry-alls are also a chic option for books, files and papers.

Jelly bags – Photo source: Madameau

Just imagine your documents getting soaked on a bad rainy day ? Get yourself ready by purchasing a fashionable waterproof bag that would be perfect for your work or at school.

Its essential to carry your belongings in a waterproof bag ,a trendy tote for example.

Tote water proof bags  Photo Source:Newscentral

It is advisable to always have at least one of these accessories in your closet,  That’s where a water-resistant clutch or handbag comes in handy.

pvc tote
(Source: Elle.com) What’s better than a waterproof purse?

It’s the perfect rainy day accessory to protect your essentials during your commute.

 4. Waterproof Makeup

Media Shelf

Ladies this is for you . I am sure you do not want to be a victim of teary eyes or as some cal it raccoon eyes. When rain falls , you wont just be dealing with your clothes and accessories getting wet but also a messy face.

Reasons to Invest in Waterproof Makeup - 1

Always invest in water proof makeup for this rainy season. Makeup like mascara, eyeliner(to avoid teary eyes).  They keep your makeup intact before you step out and the rain catches up with you .

Also a lip moisturizer is an essential waterproof makeup must have as it helps to moisturize and heal dry ,chapped lips care of your lips on a wet humid day.

Quick Tip:Apply at least two coats of waterproof mascara and eyeliner for staying power. Tinted moisturizers, a cream blush and a good primer will ensure your makeup stays in place even on the dreariest of days.

5. Rain Friendly Sandals

These sandals are the way to go . You do not have to worry about walking in the rain . They are water friendly and you can make it stylish also , These are shoe-savers!!!

Photo Source: Priyo

Quick Tip: You can carry your shoes in a bag and do the change when I’m at the job, meeting or appointment. 

6. Sweater

It is important that you cover up nicely during this chilly season as you can protect yourself from Flu and cold that comes attached with rainy season.

A good and fashionable way is to invest in sweaters of good fabrics. It serves a protective layer keeping your body warm and dry.sweater_for_rainy_seasonAside from protecting your clothes from getting drenched with the rain, a sweater, jacket or raincoat will serve as another layer to ! a cardigan sweater is a great add-on, because it’ll fit perfectly underneath a bulky jacket or trench coat. And you can easily take it off if it gets too hot.

Harry Styles in a Comfy sweater    source

7. Rain Boots

5-Under-25-Rain-BootsIn some parts of the world rain boots might not be in vogue but trust me you can start it up . So protecting your feet during this season is very important especially when wading through floods of water , your rain boots come in handy .

Of course, no one wants to get their feet messy from all the puddle of water that you have to go through while making your way to the office. It’s optional to wear boots

rain boots
Photo Source: Newscentral

Pull off a fashionable and chic attire with Welles or rain boots and look fabulous.

Whether they’re short or tall or plain or decorated, there are rain boots out there that will complement any outfit. Just don’t forget socks to keep your feet warm.

Fulton Harness Rain Boot
Fulton Harness Rain Boot :nelly.com

I also prefer the ankle length or the calf length boots as the knee length boots will make you feel sticky with the humidity in the air and ankle lengths may cause the water to go inside them.

A puddle’s worst night mare!

8. Darker Jeans

During this rainy season , it advisable to keep your whitish clothes especially the jean in your closet except you are sure that it wont be affected.

So its advisable to stick to darker shades of jean as it can be washed off easily and it ward off stains and dirt.

Wearing light-colored or white pants in the rain is a big no-no.

9. Hair Protector

Hair tends to get frizzy in the rain. To smoothen this out always have an anti-frizz serum


Hair spray /setting spray comes in handy as it helps to extend the wear of your makeup and keep it locked in there.

10. Waterproof Outerwear

A choice of waterproof wear is a rain jacket as it helps to combat rain showers. A water-resistant jacket with a hood is ideal to protect your hair.


These fashionable rain jackets are definitely the one for you! Aside from its cute colors, these jackets are also comfortable to wear, making it suitable for your quick run.

11. Water Proof Flip-flops


Ladies,this is the season to give more preference to waterproof foot wears than  your high heels and stilettos.

In Conclusion

As you cant change the  weather, you have to be prepared for it . You have the power to   change the way you look in it. Say goodbye to damp clothes , wet feet with these Tips i have shared with you .

If you are bothered about the rain coats and umbrellas , there are fashionable ones cute raincoats, shoes and accessories that are wet-weather approved.You don’t have to dress as dreary as the sky with the options below. So get inspired by these rainy day must haves!

Check my list ABOVE  of the 11  fashion must haves to get you through this rainy spring season.  Gear up these handy essentials instead of singing “rain, rain, go away!”

stylish_and_fashionable_this_rainy_seasonLet’s cover up well and shine through the rainy days, get yourself ready and don’t let the rain defeat you! 🙂

What are your beauty and style essentials for surviving the rain?

Rainy Season Must-Have!


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