There are few tips to note before booking that flight which can also help to save cost , get a better deal etc. Back here in Nigeria, flight rates are quite expensive and we all know how not so cool our economy is .

So booking airfares can become a nightmare esepcially if yo do not know how to take advantage of tricks and tips used by airlines.

Here are a few tips you can do to avoid paying more than you should .

1. Early Booking

Do you know that it is not all the time that you book an early ticket ahead of your travel date that you get cheap tickets? I am sure you must be wondering why.

Always Book early but not too early . Photo Source:

Check this out : If you book more than 3 months ahead of your trip, you would be charged a higher fare. So i advise that you do not book more than 3 months especially booking to travel for a vacation or whatever reason you have to popular destinations.

To get a lower and cheap fare , you can book 45 days to your trip if it is a ;ocal flight and 60 days for international flights.


2. Late Booking

Booking Your flight late can cost you a fortune
Booking Your flight late can cost you a fortune

Booking late can also make you bite your fingers as well as booking too early. Never , i repeat, Never book your flight late most especially for international trips.

You can get cool rebates on your fare if you just follow my advice by booking at least 3 weeks before that flight. It all depends on available seats.

Do you know that you can make bargains on flight ticket ? If some flight are not full , some airlines do not mind reducing the flight fare just to fill up on the aircraft to save themselves the cost and expenses.

This gives yo options to save a lot but this choice is not for everyone.


3. Do you Clear your Cookies ?

Well i do not mean chocolates .lol . Anyways when booking your flights on any airline website, the site automatically store cookies that help the airline to track the online behavior of their prospective customer.

This way the airline , using your search history for some particular flights, they can increase your fare for such flights.

Clear you browser cookies before you book that flight. Source

So my advise is that your regularly clear your cookies when trying to get a flight or book on another PC or device when ready to book .


4. Booking With The Airline

How do you book your flights ? With the airline ? Agents ? etc.

There are actually lots of platform to book flights on  which most times make booking easy and very convenient. Here is a little tip you do not know, you are gonna be charged extra cost for their services. Sometimes you can be given incorrect details .


So my advise which still depends on you is that , just use the traditional way of booking vis the airline website platform.


5. Time of the Day matters !

What time of the day do you book your flights ? what time of the day do you go shopping for ticket deals ?

Another quick tip: Airline prices do fluctuate throughout the day especially business hours. 9am – 5pm are worse times to book your flights as there are a thousand others struggling to book that ticket with you .  So therefore there is traffic rush which motivates the airlines to spike up the prices and making you feel they are cheap and cool.

Most travel experts recommend that you book your flight on Wednesday at 1am in the zone where the airline is based. For example, if booking a Lufthansa flight , you can do so on a Wednesday at 1 am using European time since Lufthansa is based in Germany.


6. Peak or Off Peak ?

Your day of the week , or period you book a flight or plan for your trip matters a lot in getting a good deal.

If possible , avoid weekends, peak season such as Christmas, festive periods etc. This would help you in getting a good deal.

Also early mornings and late evenings always have the cheaper fares. Avoiding travel on the busiest days of the week—Friday and Sunday—will do more than save you money; it also means fewer travelers clogging up airport lines and the chance of perhaps scoring an empty seat next to you on the plane. For this reason, we advise being as flexible as possible. A Saturday – Tuesday trip is often a huge value over Friday – Monday.


7. Flight Comparison

Do not hold yourself only to the airline website to check for your flight fare but also use a flight comparison tool  as it helps to identify more bargains.


8. Use Flexible Dates When Flight Shopping

When searching , search using +3 and -3 days. as this would give you different prices most times thereby saving you a fortune.

Flight Search Tool on

8. Do you receive newsletters from airlines?

To receive newsletter , you would have to sign up for that service , which goves yo information on when there are cheap and discounted flights. ut yo should note that these deals are sold off quickly.


9. Do you Require a Visa?

When booking flight especially international flights, make sure you confirm if you require a visa for that particular destination.

10 Cross Check Every Detail

Make sure you confirm your details are correct. Also confirm that your dates selected are correct.

Do you have more suggestions and tips you would love to share? Kindly drop them in. The comment box below

11. Are your details correct ?


12.  Are there other costs ?