Hello readers, as elections draw closer for a change in government I would love to list out things that needs change in our country and maybe that would help you make a decision on who to vote for.
Though I’m not into politics, below are the 10 things we at EB have noticed

1. Electricity


Electricity is the most important and basic
service that Nigerians need and we lack.
For things to work well constant light is a necessity.

2. Transport system


Our roads are nothing to write about. We record high accidents yearly via road. We need a better transport system to have a better Nigeria. Also air and water transport schemes need to be worked on.
The transport system needs change..

3. Security


Another very important sector that need serious change. Nigeria is being added to
high risk countries due to the low level of security. Thereby reducing external business and scare of the citizens as well.

4. Broadband services
In this era of technology, Nigeria is still backward with provision of adequate and good broadband / Internet services.
Though we have Internet service, the charge is quite high and not everyone can afford it.
This service should be made available for all to access hence promoting development and a great change to Nigeria and it’s growth.

5. Roads


Our roads are bad. Accidents occur daily claiming lives and 80% of the cause is bad roads. There are little or no road signs, traffic lights do not work, also heavy duty and over-ladden vehicles such as trailers and trucks are not properly fastened which sometimes cause potholes and major accidents.
We need a serious change on our roads.

6. Education system


Nigeria Educational system used to be one of the best worldwide but now due to negligence and lack of adequate management our system is rated low.
Every year there is a record of number of
Nigerians going abroad to have education when we can provide that over here.
It’s important to know that today’s education investment is important for the future leaders of Nigeria.

7. Accommodation
Accommodation is a necessity and some
citizens still can’t afford it. This should be looked into for a change. Creating a positive change can help reduce destitute and beggars.

8. Health Care scheme


Basic health care is very important scheme that needs a serious reform and also a change.

9. Employment
We have lots of unemployed graduates in our streets and some out of frustration go into evil acts such as killings, armed robbery, rituals etc.


More jobs should be created.

10. Good governance


For all the above areas that need a change, Good governance is required to make this change and implement other projects for a better Nigeria.

Are there more things that need to be changed???
I hope I have aired your mind if not you can share with us by dropping them in the comment box below.