As the Christmas is here and as we all know its lots of fun and good times spending Christmas in Lagos.

Aside Lagos being the busiest state in Nigeria, there are places for you to visit in order to enjoy the holidays and this festive season .

So here are 10 places to visit this season:

Ikeja Shopping Mall

Ikeja-City Mall


This is a great place to visit during this season as there are lots of stores, eateries and there is also the Silver bird cinema.

This is another perfect spot especially for shopaholics. Also a place for family, friends and loved ones to hangout

So why not visit and have fun…..

National Theater


This is another place to visit this season. For lovers and fan of arts and culture this location presents you with such luxury.It has galleries of modern Nigerian art, Nigerian crafts and other African arts.

It is easily accessible from every corner of the city. Covering an area of about 23,000 square meters and standing well over 31 meters tall. It is an arena of international music concerts, dramas, film shows, symposia, exhibitions, conventions, workshops and even sports



This is another Shopping center located on the island part of Lagos. For those who love shopping this is a place to visit especially if you live on the island. There are great store with massive savings. Least i forget there is also a cinema..


Get Arena

For lovers of crazy fun , this is for you. GET Arena is located at Oniru Estate, Lekki. Fun spots at the Arena which include a car racing centre, arcade games, climbing wall, karting… they also have the Goonies Kids Centre where its all about entertainment and education.  it’s a perfect haven for fun


There are various beaches in Lagos and its environs.

Coconut Beach Lagos

If you love a serene and cool environment where you can get a feel of the nice warm weather then the beach is your stop. This provides a pleasant , fascinating and excellent holiday relaxation

  1. Coconut beach which is in the coastal town of Badagry, west of Lagos
  2. Suntan Beach
  3. Lekki Beach
  4. Elegushi Beach
  5. Barbeach

Freedom Park

Here is another nice place to visit.

If you love the feel of nature and its environs, then freedom park is a must visit.

You can relax and lounge on the grass and enjoy the green environment. Recreational environment at its peak, and there are even some open air performances in view.


Silverbird Galleria

The Silverbird Galleria is another stop for fun this festive period. Silverbird Galleria is a modern galleria with entertainment package where you can see the latest movies, live concert and shows, stage plays etc. It is a perfect spot for pre or post movie dinner. The galleria also features exquisite shopping outlets and a night club called Cubes which prides itself as one of the best club hangouts presently in Lagos.

So come see movies, shop and have fun….

National Museum

The national museum is a place to see. This houses history of Nigeria.

The museum has a notable collection of Nigerian art, including pieces of statuary and carvings and archaeological and ethnographic exhibits. It comprises a permanent exhibition of national relics and treasures, as well as other temporary shows.


Lekki Conservation Center


You want to get closer to the biodiversity of Nigeria and the wild life? Located on Lekki Peninsula across the street from the Chevron complex is the Lekki Conservation Center. The Peninsula consists of swamp and Savannah habitats. The reserve has a 1.8km nature trail so visitors can view the reserve as they stroll through a boulevard of coconut trees.
 Park rangers are available to guide you through the reserve. The reserve is a beauty of nature in a world class environment.

Suggest A place

So dear readers, i have recommended 9 great places for you to visit this festive season…Now its your turn to recommend just one place aside from the listed above.

Where would that be ? Drop your suggestions below in the comment box.