There are certain Makeup tricks , hacks , tips every lady should know , but the stated below are the ones that no one has told you about. You getting it first hand here

9 Makeup Hacks No One Told YouSo this week on EB Beauty , we dishing out this major hacks that would change your makeup lifestyle forever .

9 Makeup Hacks No One Told You

  1. Apply Foundation at the *Center* of Your Face and Blend Out
If you apply a lot of foundation around your jawline or hairline, you’ll look like you’re wearing a mask. If you start at the center, the product will fade out around the edges for a more natural look.
  1. Liquid Moose
Taking the air out of the mousse with a spray bottle makes the product into more of a liquid than a foam, while retaining the same volume-boosting properties. (Tip via Joseph DiMaggio for Davines at Timo Weiland.)
3.Proper Perfume Application
Don’t spray yourself with perfume. You will smell like a perfume factory at first, then it will wear off and you won’t smell anything. Instead, apply it to your pulse points
4. Save Great on Makeup
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Don’t throw away makeup in tubes just because it seems like they are empty. Cut them open, and scoop the makeup into plastic pots. This is a great way to save money on makeup.
5.Reuse Mascara Brushes
Sometimes you get a mascara brush you really like. You don’t have to throw it away when the mascara is gone. Clean it off, and use it with other types of mascara
6. Make Lipstick Stay On Longer
his old trick really works. Put on a coat of lipstick, then lay a tissue across your lips. Dust translucent powder on to make the color set so it stays on longer.
7. DIY Lipgloss
Don’t throw away your broken eye shadows. Instead, turn them into lip gloss. Crush the eye shadow into powder, then mix with petroleum jelly to make any color lip gloss you like.
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8. Add saline solution to a flaky mascara formula to re-wet it.
Don’t throw away mascara just because it has dried up. Instead, add a few drops of saline solution.
This will make it moist and it will work as well as it did when you first bought it.
You’re only supposed to keep mascara for three months, because beyond that point, it can collect bacteria and lead to eye infections. However, if your mascara dries up within those three months, revive it with a couple drops of saline solution

9. If your lips are a bit chapped or flaky, take an old toothbrush to brush away the flakes to reveal softer, kissable lips

 Did i miss any thing ?