Recently on EB we celebrated Eva Alordiah as our CELEB OF THE WEEk , I’m also sure you know some things about her than you did before. If you missed that post read it Here

eva - celeb of the week on EB
Well I’m gonna let you in one 10 things you don’t know about her.

1..Eva is in relationship and she is very happy.

2 Size of Eva bra …. 36CC.

3…Eva hopes to feature Saucekid on her album?

4 Eva favorite Nigerian dish to cook is Eba and Uha soup, but her favorite to eat is Starch and Banga.

5…Funny enough she is always pressed when or while performing on stage.
… Always! As in all the time!

6 Eva is a sucker for drinking garri. Infact she can drink garri with anything; groundnuts, kuli-kuli, fish, Kilishi, Sardines, anything!LoL.

7 One of my favorite albums of all time is Craig David’s “Born To Do It”.

8….what kind of atmosphere gives you inspiration for your music?
….Nature. Quiet. Skies. Sea. Fine boys

9…Eva has a crush on…RMD

10. The one thing that she cannot do without…is her IPod Touch and water


I’m also a pencil artist, apart from sketching the clothes I design, I have been drawing since I was a child. I’m kinda rusty now though.

The first rap song I ever learnt from beginning to end was Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise”. I think I was 7 at the time.

My dream stage performance is one with the largest Nigerian crowd. I don’t think there’d be any love greater than that from an energetic Naija crowd.



  1. Eva. Shez dah hotest on dah block… Eva i adour u lyk ur sunname .. U knw wat tym it iz. 4 ril graphx cover Ya all Ff me @buoydenom save