Hello All,
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As you are aware of the upcoming elections, there is need to take some precautions during this period. In a previous post i stated election safety tips that you must know . So today im giving you Final tips to take note of…
Please see below precautions to be taken during the Pre-Election days !

1. Stock essential food stuff at home
2. Stock portal drinking water at home..

3 Keep some amount of cash for emergency at home.

4. Stock essential drugs at home.
5. Have enough AIR-TIME on your phone/s.☎️

6. Avoid out-door activities – stay in-doors as much as possible throughout the election period.
7. Avoid heated political debates/discussions especially in public.

8. Never let anyone other than your immediate family know who your true candidate/political party is – claim not to be interested in politics.
9. Do not allow political stickers/posters/flags be placed/posted on your cars/houses.
10. Ensure that you have a full tank in your cars and generators before Election Day.

Please share with all family and friends !
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