Hello EB readers , Happy Saturday and happy weekend to them workers. Today’s post is for male species tho , the bad guys, geeks , hunks, players and anything male .

i have come to realize that there are things guys do to push women off that they might be wondering why we ladies do not find them attractive.

As it is said the way you dress is the way you are addressed. so i have decided to help guys most especially my devoted fans and family on EB .

Below are just 10 things or lets call them  turn-offs that guys do without even knowing .


Wearing white socks with dress shoes : This one is really a NO=NO . teaming this combination is terrible well it was in the old fashion trending but now it s over .  That was so fashion in the 90s.







the correct way is that dress shoes should and must only be worn with dress socks, in dark  shades/colours like black , brown and gray.

The white sock should only be for the athletic arena  with athletic shoes and track pants Fashion Mistakes

Incorrect buttoned blazers

Seriously why should you do this to yourself ? now its not just  about mismatching the positioning of the buttons  but also fastening the wrong number of buttons on your blazer

This can cause it to stretch and pull in weird directions which makes the blazer seem so ill fitted.

Now the advice is :With a two-button suit, fasten the top button and with a three-button suit, you have a choice between fastening the top two buttons or the middle one only.

And no matter what kind of blazer you’re wearing, always unbutton it when you sit down.

Stuffing your pockets Are you trying to make your backside fatter or what ? your pockets are meant for the hands only o and sometimes to keep change .

Some guys keep  hand-full of cash,two-month-old receipts, your cell phone, three sets of keys, and a stash of business cards.

To avoid being a turn-off  and unnecessarily  stretching your pants , its time to get a bag or you could have a blazer with inner pockets in which you can then distribute your daily necessities and still maintain that sleek appearance 

Wearing over-sized clothings : To me this one of the greatest downfalls of male fashion in general.

I don’t think i would love to or be comfortable when i see such guys.

You should put on clothes that make you look good instead of repelling we ladies. Fashion Mistakes

Mismatching suit and shoes

This pair is not a negotiation. it is sure a blunder to do this. Most guys select or purchase shoes in shades that do not complement their dresses.

Fashion Mistakes

Well to avoid this : pair black suits with black shoes; gray suits with black or camel shoes; brown suits with brown or camel shoes; and navy suits with black, camel, tan or oxblood-colored footwear.

Backpacking on professional look

Being a student , yes , this is allowed because you will need to have wit you some 10 pounds of books each day .

When those days are over and you are in the job market ,you just have to drop that  and complement your look with either a leather messenger bag or a briefcase and preserve your backpack for camping.lol .

Fashion Mistakes

You emptied those overstuffed jacket/trouser pockets and put your personal belongings into a chic man bag.

Yes a man bag!  The once questionable tote is now  If you ask me , it makes most people look geeky tho. Bulging pockets are so 80’s.




Your pockets are a place to put your hands, some spare change and perhaps a cell phone or slim wallet.

They are not a place to keep a bulky wallet filled with old receipts and business cards, keys, or twenty+ dollars worth of change. 

Wearing running shoes outside the gym

Generally speaking, active wear should not be day wear. This rule holds true especially when it comes to wearing running shoes in any environment that’s not fitness-oriented.

Fashion Mistakes

Even if they have no obvious scuff marks, the fact that you wear your runners at the gym during heavy sweat sessions makes it nasty to even consider donning them on any other occasion.

For a just-as-comfortable alternative without the “ick” factor, pick up a pair of sneakers or slip-on loafers to pair with your casual ensembles.

Over branding outfits

There’s nothing wrong with being a label-lover, but discretion is the name of the game.

Fashion Mistakes

After all, you’re aiming to look like an incredibly handsome version of yourself, not like a walking advertisement.

Invest in a label because you love the fabric, quality and fit. Spending your life savings on pieces that feature prominent logos or branding only shows others that you’re more concerned with status than substance.

Not Regularly shaving

It’s never attractive, and for men who tend to rush through their morning routines, it’s an all-too-frequent occurrence.

To make sure you get all those hard-to-reach spots like right beside the back of your ear lobes, install a shaving mirror in your bathroom next to the sink.

Then invest in a very good razor and, above all, slow down and enjoy the art of shaving. Fashion Mistakes

Wearing socks with sandals

I am still amazed why some men persist in this outlook despite how weird and not nice it looks like.

This is one of the modern day fashion crime or maybe you might say the weather is cold which warrants your wearing of socks which would keep you warmer.

I cant even go on but please stop this act . Some guys wonder why at first a lady acts or seem interested , then all of a sudden they loose interest and walk away .

You chased them .YES YOU !!!!!. So please stop and do yourself a great favor. Fashion Mistakes

These FASHION TURN-OFFS can be image denting and do not forget your appearance matters a lot!.

So it would be nice if you could practice these few tips i have shared with you .Don’t be a FASHION TURN-OFF.

Do you know more Fashhion Turn-Offs for guys ? Kindly share below